The Day I Put My Children First

The Day I Put My Children First

As a mom, I like to think I put my children first all the time. I don’t mean running myself ragged and never taking care of other needs, but that I spend time with them, nurture them, pay attention to them . . . Sure, I do those things, but not all the time. Especially not lately. For some reason or another, I’ve been “busy” the past few weeks. We were sick for a couple … Read more…

10 Simple Ways To Connect with Your Kids Right Now

Connect With Your Kids

Making meaningful connections with our children is something every parent wants to do. But I think we over complicate it at times. We plan these grand outings or themed events. For some reason we get it in our heads that simple interaction is not enough. Well guess what mama, that just isn’t true! Our children don’t expect the grand and glorious. They are happy with the small and simple. Just taking the time to stop … Read more…

The Best DIY Play Dough Recipe

The Best and Easiest DIY Play Dough Recipe

For years I’ve made DIY play dough. The stuff you get in the store is just too chemical laden for my tastes. While I don’t always enjoy the acting of making the dough itself, knowing that my children are playing with a version that is much better is well worth it! This easy recipe whips up in no time at all and is always a kid pleaser. DIY Colored Play Dough What you need: 1 … Read more…

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