T is for Tree (Review)

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We recently received a delightful little book, T is for Tree: A Bible ABC, from Reformed Free Publishing Association for review. This hardback book is recommended for children ages 3-6, but really kids of all ages will enjoy it. The photos are beautiful, the scripture is applicable, and

Cultivating Christ-like Character in Your Kids + GIVEAWAY

Cultivating Christ-like Character in Your Kids ThouShallNotWhine.com

Cultivating Christ-like character in your kids is no easy task. It takes truckloads of patience, persistence, and prayer. (I love alliteration, can you tell?) While I am no expert on the matter, there are a few things that have consistently worked for me over the years.

Panda Parents (Review)

We received MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS from PandaParents for review. We received three months of product in total. Each “month” of the program includes a pdf book, online videos, and a pdf workbook. The three “months” we received are . . . Mommy’s Baby A Jolly Jingling Journey Scotty