Awesome BBQ Meatballs with a (ssshhhhhh) Store Bought Sauce

In an effort to bulk up the food reserve in my freezer, every meal we have made this week has been one that puts a little extra in the freezer. Last night was no exception.

Normally, I am all about making our sauces from scratch. There’s nothing like spaghetti sauce made from your own tomatoes, and  I have been told my alfredo sauce is some of the best around. When we have bbq chicken, I always make the sauce fresh. However.. I have been introduced to a little taste of heaven called Two Fat Guys BBQ. It isn’t your regular smoky sauce. I’m not a fan of smoky flavor, maybe that’s why I like Two Fat Guys so much. It has just enough kick for you to notice but not enough to make your nose run. We enjoyed an entire jar of it on our BBQ meatballs last night.


Here’s what we used


Combine everything
Mix it all together and form 1″-ish balls
After 20 minutes, pour on the sauce
That’s it! About 20 minutes later.. you are ready to eat!
The remaining meatballs I put in the freezer. This recipe makes about 80 meatballs (78 this time), depending on the size you make them. That’s enough for 3 meals in this house!

2 cups milk
2 cups oats
2 eggs
2 teaspoons salt
1 medium onion, chopped
2 teaspoons chili powder
1 teaspoon pepper
3 pounds raw ground beef

Combine everything and mix well. I mix by hand, literally. 🙂
Shape into balls

To Cook:  350 for 20 minutes, pour on your sauce,  cook for another 20 minutes and enjoy!

To Freeze: set raw balls on a cookie sheet and freeze for an hour. Move them all to a freezer baggie and take them out as you need.

This recipe (even if you make your own sauce) is so simple and versatile. You could forgo the bbq and use marinara for meatball subs or just bake them and throw them in with your spaghetti!

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