Two Week Meal Plan and An Epiphany

We all make meal plans, right? Some weekly, some monthly. For years now I have made meal plans on a two-week budget. Anyone of you who has to do this knows how hard it can be. We inevitably run out of milk and bread a couple of days before the next payday.
I love my big freezer in the garage. I try to get at least one day of freezer cooking in each week- whether it be doubling a dinner or making a big batch of burritos for lunch. Every little bit helps keep it filled.

This makes me smile.
About once a month, the kids and I will forgo school and declare it a cooking day.
Here’s Julia with some breakfast cookies she made all by herself.
Oscar whipping up some burritos.
I have always planned my meals like this: 2 weeks = 14 days, which means I will need to plan about 10-12 meals- depending on what all we have going on in those two weeks. I would then proceed to plan 10-12 different meals. What on Earth was I thinking??? It dawned on me yesterday that I don’t have to make every meal different! Wow! Why have I not thought of this before?? Now, the idea is to just make a double batch of whatever I’m making and throw it in the freezer for next week!
BBQ meatballs (2) with corn on the cob and mashed potatoes
Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake– I make my own alfredo sauce (2) with salad and fresh baguette
Potato Soup (2)
Sausage Pepper Ziti Bake (2) with salad
Spiced Chicken Sweet Potato Casserole (1) – new recipe, so I’m testing with a single batch
Beans (with sausage?) and Cornbread (2)
Lunches– we tend to have fruit/ cottage cheese/ pretzels with our lunches
deli meat sandwiches
cheese quesadillas (we are starting to make our own tortillas this week, I’ll let you know how that goes!)
and of course, leftovers
Breakfasts (I believe in a hot breakfast)
Oatmeal- we eat oats several times a week for breakfast
Smoothies and eggs
Pancakes/ Waffles
I am absolutely thrilled with the new way of doing things! Thank you Lord!

2 thoughts on “Two Week Meal Plan and An Epiphany”

  1. I have to agree! Cooking double batches is so much easier than taking it all on during one day. I do however cook some things in a huge batch and freeze but its because it is items that put our morning out of schedule, which is normally pancakes or breakfast sandwiches! I do cook a large amount of pancakes and freeze and biscuits as well… Always trying to find something to make it easier! MOTHERHOOD IS HARD BUT I LOVE IT.


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