Sweet Potato Biscuits, Homemade Fruit Bars & Crackers {A Review of The Homemaker’s Mentor PLUS a Giveaway!}

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I absolutely love to create new, great tasting foods for my family. Reviewing The Homemaker’s Mentor cd has allowed me to do just that. The cd is an amazing compilation of 110 pdf mini-books that are all dedicated to helping us moms be better housekeepers, cooks and more. This great resource will retail for $47.00 but you have a chance to win it for FREE!
I read through a number of the books and wow, there is so much to do! Making mom and me aprons, apple boxes, granola, creating cleaning schedules- that actually work, cakes, cookies, quick mixes, and even homemade candy recipes are only a few of over 100 ideas and tips offered on this amazing cd.
Making new recipes together is a favorite past time for my 11 year old daughter and I. We chose several and here they are..
These yummy biscuits are courtesy of A Thankful Home. Aren’t these biscuits a little orange, you ask? Yes, yes they are, and it’s because they are sweet potato biscuits!! Do they taste like sweet potato? No! Everyone in the family (including my chef husband) really enjoyed these. They are slightly more dense than the average biscuit but oh wow are they good. Plus, with these NOT tasting like sweet potato, you’re sneaking a little healthy food into the littles’ diet!
Here’s the littlest little enjoying hers. She ate four!
My children love crackers, so trying a homemade version was a no brainer for us. Also from A Thankful Home, these are called Turkey Crackers- but only because she cuts them into turkey shapes. There’s no turkey in them, I promise. If hers are called Turkey Crackers, then would mine be called Star Crackers?
These were softer than most crackers but still yummy. The flavor was different, almost like a wheat cracker. A soft Wheat Thin, maybe? Easy to make and kid friendly- I’d call that a winner.
In the Rise & Shine to Granola book, we tried two different recipes. These are called Fruit-Filled Oatmeal Bars. When I read the title, I was expecting something like a Nutrigrain bar.
Nutrigrain bar, they are not. However! These are absolutely delicious. They would be great with coffee or ice cream. I would suggest adding more fruit than it calls for, but other than that, these were very tasty and will definitely be making them again.
The other recipe was your basic granola.
This was De-Li-Cious!!! Jane’s Original Granola combines basic ingredients to become an amazing treat. Over yogurt, by itself or take it to the next level and make bars with it- this granola is fantastic.
And now for the giveaway!! Actually, there are TWO giveaways! Two winners will each win a copy of the Homemaker’s Mentor CD on this blog. Make sure to enter the Mega-giveaway including everything you see here.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Biscuits, Homemade Fruit Bars & Crackers {A Review of The Homemaker’s Mentor PLUS a Giveaway!}”

  1. I have teenagers in the house. So I’ve been having them do more of the homemaking…even my son. Currently I have just been teaching by example. I would love a resource like this!!

  2. My boys are learning their life skills by helping me in the kitchen, working on learning to clean up their own messes, learning the proper way to load a dishwasher, and wash dishes by hand. We do these things by making it into a game sometimes, and other times they are asked to complete the task on their own and are paid for doing anything that is normally my responsibility. I’d love some new ideas and would love to win this book collection!


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