7 Ways to Keep the Littles Busy {While the Bigs do School}

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It has been in my heart and mind to do a series for a little while now but until this morning, I was unsure of the direction in which I should go. I am super excited to start a new series with the number 7. Wait.. did I just sound like the Count from Sesame Street? 7!  7 ways to keep the littles busy.. ah ah ah!   (Oh, my) So, here we go..

1. Painting

2.  Play with a map. We love our Discovery Kids Activity World Map.
 3. Go for a walk.
4. Introduce a new game.
5. Play an instrument


6. Make a mess outside with homemade moon sand.
7. Let them help cook!
 These are just seven of the MANY thing’s we’ve done over the years to help keep the littles busy. What do you do to occupy your littles?

6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Keep the Littles Busy {While the Bigs do School}”

  1. Lots of fun for littles! My little ones love painting too. I need to make the moon sand with my children, they will love it.
    Thanks for sharing with Toddler Idea Tuesday! I have Pinned your post on my Toddler Ideas board.
    Have a great evening


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