Here’s To Hoping This Next Year Is A Bit More Organized

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Just over 72 hours from now this year will be gone and a new one will have begun. It seems like at the end of each December we think, “sheesh, we just celebrated New Years, last year!”. Time flies. Seriously. Somehow, I’m 30. I am 30, with four kids and a dog. I live in a house where my daily thoughts are consumed with children, homeschooling, housework, blogging and church activities. I love to read but hardly have time for it. Baking is one of my most favorite things in the world to do, but sadly I just don’t have the time lately. Why is that? Why am I frequently frantic to get to church on time? We go to church every Sunday morning- it’s nothing new. Why am I STILL struggling to get out the door on time??

I know why, I just don’t like to admit it… I am a disorganized mess. Some people are natural organizers or clean freaks, not me. I’m the kind of gal who leaves her clothes where she changes, and considers “putting my shoes up” to be kicking them off in the general direction of the front door (we have a shoe rack there).

Realizing this madness must come to an end, I sat down and made some lists (oh how I love lists) to start the process of total organization. I made all kinds of lists! Things I want and/or need to do daily/weekly/monthly, projects I need to get done, books I want to read, ministry things I need to finish, all kinds of stuff! I also made lists of things I don’t want to do anymore- like oversleep, wear pajamas all day and spend countless hours on Facebook.

After I made my lists, I found some great resources…

Like this great post by Money Saving Mom about Developing a Routine you can actually stick to!

This planner courtesy of Confident Mom. Each weekly page incorporates goals, cleaning, water consumption, meal plan and a notes section. What really makes this planner fantastic is that it is type-able! Oh yeah, and it’s FREE.

And check out these customizable routine cards– for morning, afternoon and evening` created by Joy at I plan to make a set of these for myself and each of the big kids.

Have you heard of MOTH? Me either,at least not until the other day. Managers Of Their Homes (MOTH) is the resource for homeschool moms in need of scheduling/routine help. I have read nothing but great things about this and have ordered it in hopes of it helping this disorganized slob get her act together. I will let you know how it goes.

I am also reading Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George. Just like her other books Woman After God’s Own Heart, Mom After God’s Own Heart and A Wife After God’s Own Heart that I have read, Elizabeth breaks things down into reasonable sections that cover each area of life.

This particular one is laid out like this…

At the Heart of it all (Managing Your Spiritual Life)
Taking Care of God’s Temple (Managing Your Physical Life)
Creating a Heaven on Earth (Managing Your Home Life)
Taking Care of Business (Managing Your Financial Life)
Being a Friend (Managing Your Social Life)
Minding Your Mind (Managing Your Mental Life) <—— I am excited to get to this one!
Serving the Lord (Managing Your Ministry Life)
Managing Your Time… and Your Life

…Does that cover it all or what?

Yes, New Years day is only 3 days away and no, I won’t be able to read all this material or implement every routine and I probably won’t have even received my MOTH book yet.

I am not making a resolution. I am trying to better me. I want to be the gal that my Heavenly Father created me to be, to the fullest. He gave me abilities and talents that I’m probably not using because I’m too concerned with the current state of my bathroom or the number of junk drawers in my kitchen. Some pruning is definitely in order. There are things (like junk drawers and bad habits) in my life that need to go.

With the help of these resources and God’s grace and guidance, I’m believing this will be my most organized year yet.

2 thoughts on “Here’s To Hoping This Next Year Is A Bit More Organized

  1. Eeek! I have only recently started allowing a drawer in the kitchen to be a junk drawer. It has saved my “frozen” moments when I cannot move on because _____ didn’t have a place to be put away.

    I’m also a MOTH flunky, so I’m probably not the poster child for being organized. 😉

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