How to Turn an Orange into a Candle

My mother had this idea to turn an orange into a candle. You know what that says to me? BLOG POST! Naturally, I made her wait until I could find my camera.

It’s incredibly easy.

What you need:

  • orange
  • knife
  • lighter
  • bowl
  • orange essential oil (if you like the smell a bit stronger)
  • filler oil (anything will work- olive, canola, vegetable, coconut)

Grab your orange and slice it in half
Carefully slice out the flesh. You don’t want to pierce the peel.
Be sure not to cut that white bit in the middle. That is what will act as your wick.
Once you’ve got most of the flesh out, twist the white thing.
Now grab the other half of the orange, remove all the flesh and cut a hole in the bottom.
Now here’s the tricky part.. lighting it. Oranges are wet. Did you know that? Wet oranges don’t like to be caught on fire. It took a good bit of patience to get this little guy lit.
I even tried it like this to no avail.
Do you see that itty bitty flame? It took a good 10 minutes to get it going. Perhaps if I had patience and had allowed it dry a bit first then it would have caught fire a bit sooner.
Be sure to add your choice of oil BEFORE you light the orange.
Eventually the flame really took.
This is what it looks like with the “lid” on.
A couple tips:
The smell isn’t very strong so I added a couple drops of orange essential oil.
DON’T put the flaming orange under a cabinet!
Be sure to keep it out of kids’ reach. It’s an orange.. they will want to touch it.
Well, there you have it!

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