Motivated Moms E-book Chore Planner Review

Motivated Moms Review

Having four children (plus one on the way), two dogs and six chickens in the house I have always struggled to not only get the house clean, but keep it that way. Motivated Moms offers a chore planner that could work well in any family setting. Whether it be a bit chaotic like mine or a one child family. The planners offered by Motivated Moms is primarily for moms however, there’s no reason you couldn’t get the kids in on the cleaning action!

In my house everyone has chores, every day. Even the two year old tries to make his bed and picks up any toys he has left out. He also helps pull the laundry from the washer to the dryer and then from the dryer to the basket. The daily chores like that aren’t my problem, it’s the ones that don’t need done every day, like cleaning out my purse, straightening my closet (oh heavens, my closet) or even mopping the kitchen floor.

Motivated Moms offers several types of E-book planners. All the E-book planners are in PDF form so you can print as much at a time as you’d like. I printed several months’ worth, cut the pages in half, stuck them in a mini three ring binder and now have a Chore Binder. Because we homeschool moms need one more binder, right?

Motivated Moms Review

Like I said, Motivated Moms offers several types of planners. Some are daily, some are weekly and they all have the option of being in color or black and white. You also can choose the half-size or full-size pages. Having daily Bible scripture readings on your pages is another choice. Mine looks just like the one above.

Check boxes are one of my favorite things, which means that this planner and I get along very well. The daily stuff we usually cover is on the left. I will tell you that having a pre-done checklist is a very nice reminder to check up on the kids and their daily chore progress. I’m a list kind of gal. If I don’t have it written down in a list I will forget it. I used to have to make daily check lists each morning but now I just get out my handy dandy Chore Binder!!
The non-daily chores on the right side are great for me. Those are the things I tend to forget to do until the area becomes so unsightly that I’m forced to shovel my way through the muck, try to remember where things go, wonder why I’ve kept so much junk and finally sit down and cry because I’m in over my head (my bedroom closet comes to mind). At this point I start to just throw things away and hope it won’t be needed or missed.
In case you cannot tell, this planner has been a great blessing to me and my family. I can now quickly glance through my Chore Binder and see what needs to be accomplished. Once the day’s house work has been done we can relax, work, play, read… whatever! All of which can be done with a light conscience because we know our chores for the day are done!
The E-book planners retail for $8.00. Although I got this year’s planner for free to review, I will be purchasing one for 2015!


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