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I have long struggled with picking out (and sticking with!) an art curriculum for our homeschool. I have gone back and forth from basic art theory to picture study to just watching movies on Netflix and back again!! So when I was offered Elementary 4-5, Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition by ARTisticPursuits, I jumped at it! The program is designed to involve the student in the creative process while still developing observation skills. It’s basically all the different things I couldn’t decide between rolled into one book. How perfect is that?

Each unit has different topic that are explored in four different ways…

Building a Visual Vocabulary

Through visual vocabulary the students are shown which topic to focus on, explained in words and pictures. This helps the student apply the new knowledge and use it in their own environment and make connections to real-world experiences.

American Art Appreciation and History

The student is taught about master works and the artists.


Students learn how to use the tools and materials of art.


With each lesson comes a final project that incorporates the new knowledge gained in the unit.

The book can be used for a full year of art class, twice a week for an hour each time. It didn’t take us quite an hour. Julia (my fifth grader) is my slowest child. Not that she’s a slow learner, actually she’s advanced. She just moves slower than molasses in the winter. So, for her to be able to complete something in 45 minutes when she was given an hour is amazing. Julia works amazingly well independently, if your child needs more attention or help staying on task then it would most likely take the full hour. The book does give a complete list of supplies that will be needed in order to complete the course, that’s helpful. Art supply packs are available for each book level on the ARTistic Pursuits website and vary in price. Book 1: The Elements of Art and Composition retails for $47.95 and is designed for children ages 9 and up. It’s a soft, comb-bound book containing 68 lessons on 92 pages.

Thankfully, we already had an unused nature sketch book on the shelf she could use with the book. As to why the nature book was left empty and neglected… well, to put it politely, nature study is my mortal enemy. It has always brought out the worst in me- I have no idea why. But that is another blog post entirely in itself. Back to the review!

This is one of those great review products that she couldn’t wait to get into and then wanted to do only that. As great as that would have been for my review, it wouldn’t be so great for keeping our homeschool on schedule. Julia joyfully worked her way through the first three units quickly but eventually I had to make her slow down. She would be more than happy to do art every day. 


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