Do you pray for the little things?

We need things every day, right? We go to the store and expect to find what we want, hopefully on sale. I keep ongoing lists of things we need for the house, things I’d like to buy for our homeschool or just things I think the kids would enjoy.

Well, lately, I haven’t been able to waltz out and buy whatever it is we need or want. In fact, I’ve had to be more frugal lately than ever before. I’ve been DIY-ing, reusing and repurposing like crazy. I keep my eye out for deals on those online garage sale sites, free sites like Free-cycle and stuff people offer on Facebook.

I’ve been slowly reading A Life That Says Welcome by Karen Ehman. She speaks so much about being thankful for what you have, finding contentment and doing everything you can with what you have before looking for something new. Her frugal ideas are great.

I’m also about half way through Bill Hybels’ Too Busy Not to Pray. This is the first Bill Hybels book I’ve read but I definitely see more in my future. His teachings are so common sense that it’s easy to make applicable life changes. I have always struggled with my prayer life. I tell people to pray. I tell my kids to pray when they have wants/needs but when it comes to my own… well, I tend to just hope for the best.

How hypocritical am I?

This book is really helping me to turn that around, to turn me around. I’m looking more to God for my daily needs and the big needs to. I’m not exactly in need of a miracle by most people’s standards but I guess miracles look different to different people.

So, what do you say? Do you pray for the little things? If not, will you join me in trusting the One who is able above all else to provide?

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