Under Drake’s Flag {a Schoolhouse Crew Review}

Pirates, shipwrecks and sea-faring adventure OH MY!! UnderDrake’s Flag is the audio drama to have if there are boys of any age in your family. The swashbuckling adventure is nonstop! Heirloom Audio Productions has without a doubt released one of the most realistic, movie-quality audio theatre adventures I have ever heard. Designed with an audience of six year olds to adults in mind, the 2-disc set will entertain those of almost any age!

From the moment the story begins, you are quickly lost in the sounds of the sea, birds and general goings on aboard the ships! My boys are three and fifteen years old and they both enjoyed listening to the cds. Actually, Max (the three year old) kept asking me where the picture was, he was sure there was a movie playing somewhere he was missing! The production is about two hours in length so it was a bit longer than Max’s attention span but the big kids and I loved it from beginning to end.

Listening to audio books and reading aloud are two of my favorite pastimes to spend with the kids. As a mom with two big kids, two toddlers and now a newborn it can be hard to find the time (and hands) to sit down and read a novel for an hour. I am so thankful for quality audio books like this one that we can listen to while we fold laundry, prep a meal or just sit in the floor doing puzzles with the littles. The strong Christian morals learned and taught throughout the story are so important in a time when it can be a struggle just to find a clean adventure book, let alone one that teaches Christian character. I look forward to what comes up next from Heirloom Audio Productions.

Along with the cd set comes a study guide if you’d like to dig a bit deeper into the story. It will aid your children in understanding the storyline and the principles it teaches. You can also use it as a series of written assignments for older kids.

Divided into 16 sets of questions, each set has three parts: Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words.

The Listening Well questions ask your child what he/she has heard and remembers (like narration).

The Thinking Further questions ask your child to think a bit, like to research something mentioned in the story, draw conclusions from the characters’ actions or guess as to their intentions.

The Defining Words section gives your child an opportunity to build vocabulary.

At the end of the Study Guide are three brief Bible Studies that will help you and your child come to a clearer understanding of godly character and how it was displayed within the story.

The Study Guide that comes with the cd set is an abridged version of a much longer and deeper one that is available as a download when you purchase the audio book for $29.95 (plus $6.95 shipping and handling).

My Bottom Line
Under Drake’s Flag is nothing short of quality family entertainment. I’m sure it will be asked for over and over again in our home. I highly recommend this audio drama to any family with children (especially boys).

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