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I have always enjoyed writing so when it came to my children, I figured it would naturally come to them as well. Boy, was I wrong. Getting my big kids (15 and 12) to write more than a few sentences at a time is like pulling teeth. Seriously, there are tears involved. We were given the opportunity to review Fortuigence, a company that offers online writing courses for teenagers. After looking over the website, I realized that maybe the kids didn’t actually *loath* writing but were more frustrated at not knowing how or where to start. Because my son is a sophomore and will be going to college in a couple short years, we opted for the Essay Rock Star (ESR): Expository Essay Writing Course. All the ESR courses are ideal for ages 12-18.

Fortuigence offers four different Essay Rock Star courses:

Personal Writing Course

Persuasive Writing Course
Textual Analysis Writing Course
Expository Writing Course

All the courses follow the same five-step process:

  1.       Brainstorming
  2.       Organization
  3.       Free Writing
  4.       Revision
  5.       Editing

The Expository Essay is the most common type of essay kids will write because they will be asked frequently to use it in high school, college and the work place. The purpose of this type of essay is to explain or inform about a specific subject.

Oscar’s specific subject? Waffles.

The program is completely online and easy to use at your own pace. Possibly the best aspect of ERS is the personal attention of an ACTUAL teacher. Each lesson is composed of video lessons, short lessons to read and assignments. The assignments are uploaded and looked at by Lily Iatridis (the teacher). After assessing the work, she gives feedback to the student via email. Oscar was delighted to receive emails from the teacher. The program is set up so that the student cannot move on to the next lesson until the previous lesson is received and checked off by the teacher. Personally, I think that’s a great idea and keeps the kids from hopping around and rushing through the work.

Oscar had just started a Speech class with our homeschool coop when the ESR review became available. He kept telling me how much the ESR course was helping him with his Speech work too. The easy-to-follow instructions and the way the course is laid out makes it really user friendly. In general, Oscar has a hard time with online programs, especially those that require reading the computer screen. Somehow, he did just fine with this one, actually, he did well. I was impressed with his willingness and overall eagerness to send his completed assignments to Lily, who by the way was a joy to work with. She always got back to Oscar or me quickly. She was always positive and professional yet super friendly in her correspondence.

I was so impressed with Oscar’s essay that I want you to see it too. Keep in mind this is his Free Writing or rough draft. It took so much self-restraint NOT to correct the errors.  🙂

So, here it is… Waffles by Oscar


Waffles were created over thousands of years ago. They have become a very common breakfast items. Waffles have become so common that people have named their restaurants after them. For example, Waffle House .They had been created in the Neolithic Ages made of rustic hotcakes and cereal pulps. Back then there was no access to the ingredients we have today, so the Greeks had used herbs and cheeses for a savory flavor. Back then, they had used hot iron plates to make their waffles during the Iron Age. Whereas now we have pans we place on our hot stove tops and griddles we just plug in and put our mixture onto. Some people even cook them in ovens if they have the right supplies. Then there is the easiest way now to make waffles, the waffle iron.
Choosing a good recipe is a wise thing to do before making waffles. Along with having all your ingredients the recipe calls for. There are multiple upon multiple kinds of waffles to make. Choosing a recipe isn’t just go online and find a random recipe. You should look for what you want, look for your favorite kind or if you’re not too much of a cooking person, use pre-made boxes at the store.
There are many ways to make your own recipe by adding or subtracting ingredients to your mixture. If you are looking for a nice sweet tasting waffle, maybe add some extra sugar or add some chocolate chips. If you’re trying to eat healthy, take out some of your sugar and throw some sliced bananas or some fresh blueberries from the grocery. Or if you are like me, looking for an amazing savory flavor. Make some bacon on stove top or what I do, broil it in the oven for and extra crisp or if you’re just a plain person and only like plain waffles, just put the batter in the griddle or pan and enjoy your plain waffles.

The end bit about being a plain person cracked me up.

The Essay Rock Star courses are available for $57 each and come with an awesome 100% money back guarantee. If the course just doesn’t work with your student’s learning style they will refund your money. They give you 14 days to decide, and that’s 14 days from the day your student actually starts, not the day you purchase the course.
My Bottom Line
This is an amazing course. It increased my son’s writing confidence which put him that much closer to the ultimate goal of independent learning! Thank you Fortuigence!
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