If a Mama Tries to Clean Her Desk

I cannot function properly with disorganization and mess everywhere. My home is just over 3,000 square feet and about 2,500 of it is a mess right now! Every room makes my eye twitch. Coming down the particle covered stairs makes me squint and grit my teeth. I have roughly 6 baskets of clean clothes in my bedroom waiting to be put away. Did I mentioned my homeschool planner has gone… unplanned?

Yeah, my home is in complete chaos right now.

Overwhelmed? Definitely. I don’t know where to start. When I finally do get some semblance of a cleaning plan going…

I will start cleaning off my desk (because the piles have taken over and the actual desk is no longer visible) and find a book that belongs on one of the bookshelves. So I take the book to the bookshelf and find the bookshelf to be in complete disarray. I start to reorganize the bookshelf and figure I might as well dust while I’m here. So I go to the kitchen to get my dusting supplies but of course when Mom enters the kitchen, the toddlers think it’s snack time. After making some peanut butter and crackers, I walk into the pantry to put the snack items back and notice the dryer has stopped running. I pull the clothes from the dryer and put them in a basket to be folded but realize I have no hangers with which to hang the clothes! Upstairs I go to get hangers and realize I forgot to make my bed. I quickly make my bed and in the process find tiny socks, hair ties and what I believe to be a partially eaten graham cracker (?).  While in the bathroom to put / throw those things a way I see the stockpile of diapers which reminds me the downstairs basket (where we keep diapering paraphernalia) is running low and needs refilling. I grab some diapers and head back downstairs to put them in the basket. In the basket I find the post-its I’ve been looking for for over a week! With joy I take my newly found post-its to my desk (and this time put them out of toddler reach), which is when I realize I was supposed to be cleaning my desk…

Yep. That happened.

I’m not the only one, right???

5 thoughts on “If a Mama Tries to Clean Her Desk”

  1. Totally not the only one! Sometimes I work very hard all day and then look back and realize I did not get one single task completed. I stead I got parts of several tasks done. One thing that helps me is to set a timer and make myself stay in one place and work at one task for that amount of time. I can make myself a note if I think of something or somewhere else that needs my attention, but I have to stay there and stay focused. When I do this, I keep a box or basket with me for all the things I find that belong somewhere else. When the timer is up, I can take the box/basket from room to room and put those items where they belong. Too bad I often forget how effective this process is. Instead I do as you described and get a little bit of everything and all of nothing done. 😛

  2. I think you just described my day to a tee. One thing I have found that helps and I have to constantly remind myself is that I need to work from my list. Everything eventually gets on the list to get done. It can be overwhelming.

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