Middlebury Online French Lessons {a Crew Review}

Speaking a foreign language has so many benefits. From college entrance and career availability to becoming a missionary. Knowing another language beyond your first is almost mandatory. Middlebury Interactive Languagesoffers full semester German courses for grades 3-12, Chinese for grades 3-12, Spanish for K-12 and French for grades 3-12. We reviewed the middle school French Courses for grades 6-8. Julia, my sixth grader, worked on the first semester of year one of the course.


The semester is comprised of 9 units, each of which contain 10 lessons, with the exception of the 9th unit which deals with the final exam, for a total of 90 lessons. A midterm is also included between units 4 and 5.
Middlebury recommends for both the middle school and high school programs that the student complete a lesson a day for 18 weeks. Thankfully, the lessons are self-paced so she could work as slow or fast as she needed to. Julia completed all of unit 1 and part of unit 2, moving at approximately 3 lessons a week. The lessons vary in length and complexity. Some of the lessons she repeated either because she didn’t do so hot or just needed the review.

This online language course is a graded one. The quizzes and tests are all recorded with percentages, date completed, the unit and lesson it belonged to, as well as being able to go back and see what was missed- all from the grade book. Being a Charlotte Mason-esque homeschool, I don’t assign grades to my children before high school. That being said, my Julia is an over achiever and settles for nothing but perfect. She was highly motivated to do her best to achieve the best grades. Perhaps I should assign her grades to get that kind of motivation for our everyday school work! J
Unlike other online foreign language programs, this one incorporates listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course is quite comprehensive when it comes to what they learn. Being taught everyday, applicable vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, Julia was exposed to real life conversations. With Mom being on the Schoolhouse Review Crew, she has tried a few other foreign language programs. She’s told me that not only is this one her favorite so far but she wants to continue on to semester two when she’s finished with this one. Score Middlebury Interactive!!
Middle school French One (grades 6-8) is available without a teacher (self-paced) for $119 per student, per semester. There is an option to have a teacher actually grade and work with your student; this is an additional $175 per student, per semester for a total of $294.

My bottom line
Every once in a while, a program or course comes along that not only captures your child’s interest and becomes something they look forward to using but also helps build their confidence as a student. For us, this has been Middlebury. Seriously, she loves it. Julia talks about someday being able to use her French to set up an orphanage in a French speaking country. By the way, did you know that French is the second most taught language, after English? Yeah, she’s definitely going to be able to use this down the road. Thank you Middlebury Interactive Languages!

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