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“The scriptures are not to be heard with your ears only. The scriptures are life!”

Heirloom Audio Productions has become a family favorite when it comes to audio theater. They recently released In Freedom’s Cause Single Package ($29.97) and we had the opportunity to review it!

In the package we received:

In Freedom’s Cause CD set
In Freedom’s Cause Study Guide Companion(Digital Download)
In Freedom’s Cause Soundtrack (MP3 download)
Printable copy of The Prayer Of William Wallace (Digital Download)


Review of In Freedom’s Cause: The Real Story of Wallace and Bruce

In Freedom’s Cause is a 2-CD set and is recommended for ages 6-adult. The full length of the story is just over 2 1/2 hours. There is a considerable amount of violence/fighting and distraught screaming in the story, so I’d be more comfortable sharing it with kids 8 and up.

The 48-page study companion is a great tool to help you dig deeper into history. With engaging discussion questions, the guide encourages the kids to Listen Well, Think Further and Define Words. While the study guide is awesome, trying to complete it while listening to the audio takes away from being able to just enjoy the cinematic story. Going over the vocabulary words after we listened to see if the kids could define any new words or pin point who people were in history was our way of using it.

The Listen Well questions are easy to answer questions that can be answered correctly just by listening to the CD. The Think Further questions require a bit more thought and critical thinking. You have to put yourself in the character’s position and explain why they did or said specific things.

We listened to the CD for several days while trying just sit and listen. As any homeschool mom with several kids can tell you, sitting still isn’t always an option. We will definitely be listening to this again and again.

The experience is phenomenal. The background sounds, the music, the actors… it’s all just amazing. If you close your eyes, you hardly need your own imagination to see the story. As with the other titles Heirloom Productions has done, In Freedom’s Cause is one of the most well done audio books we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy thus far.

With an all-star cast from movies like The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, how could the voices be anything but great? The kids (okay, and maybe me too) really enjoyed hearing all the accents. It was funny to hear the kids try to imitate them.


As a Christian homeschooling mother, I loved and greatly appreciated all the scripture that is seamlessly woven throughout the story. Time and time again scripture is quoted as an answer to a problem or as a reminder to remain faithful to God. Vengeance is mine is quoted several times as a reminder not take matters into our own hands and leave God things up to God. In a story with so much fighting, it was reassuring to know that along with the violence, it is made clear (to children) that they are doing the right thing but not taking it too far as to do God’s job.

Prayer of William Wallace

We are looking forward to the newest addition to the G.A. Henty Live Adventures, With Lee in Virginia, do to be released around Memorial Day! Watch for updates on FacebookTwitter and Google+

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In Freedom's Cause Review
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