Jesus Saves

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We all remember the moment we asked Jesus to save us. We remember that heavy weight of conviction in our chest and the pounding heart. And oh that sweet moment of peace and relief when we knew for sure that our name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Overtime, I think we can forget that glorious moment. I don’t mean we forget it all together but that over the years the miracle that salvation is becomes like a story we’ve heard so many times that we are no longer in awe of its power.

Today I was reminded of that power.

My father drives a truck for a living so his schedule is very unpredictable. He has been coming to church with us on and off for a few months now. Each time he comes I pray that that would be the day of his salvation.

Today he came to church and I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord!!!

Today my Dad is a new man in Christ and now has a home in Heaven!!

As I hugged him and listened to him weep with joy, I was once again reminded of how good God is. His timing is perfect. He loves us all more than we could ever imagine.

Today I praise Him for His mercy and patience for us. I praise Him for making us new. I praise Him!

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