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When I first started homeschooling, teaching Greek roots wasn’t on my list of must-haves when it came curriculum. In fact, I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know they existed (thanks public school!). We were recently given the opportunity to review Greek Morphemes Lessons (It’s NOT Greek to me!) from Ready to Teach.

I admit that curiosity was a high factor in deciding to review the curriculum. But now… I wonder why on earth they don’t teach this stuff in public schools! How have I been homeschooling for five years without knowing about this???

Along with the physical student and teacher books, I also received a thumb drive with all the lessons in Power Point Presentations (PPP). I cannot tell you how handy it has been to have the student lessons in digital form! Beginning in April the thumb drive will replace the cd that is currently included with the books.

Greek Morphemes ~ It’s NOT Greek to me! Review

There are two folders on the thumb drive: instruction and self-review.

There is one presentation (instruction) file for each lesson that guides the student through each step of inductive instruction for that lesson.

The self-review folder contains an interactive file for each lesson that a learner can use to self-check his knowledge.

Greek Morphemes

The teacher’s manual is broken into 5 sections.

  1. Introduction- the background of the program, suggested lesson plan and ideas to create an ongoing bulletin board
  2. Lesson and Keys- the teacher’s copy of the lessons and answers
  3. Transparency Masters- masters of the morphemes and meanings in each lesson to make black and white overhead transparencies
  4. Tests and Keys- a set of tests, one per lesson plus three multi-lesson and answers PLUS a chart page for calculating grades – That’s handy!
  5. Premade study cards- because mom (or dad) may not be proficient in morphemes, they have included a set of study cards that are ready to be cut apart just for YOU the teacher

The student book contains twelve lessons, all of which have note-taking pages, words to work and various assignments involving word analysis, word synthesis, context clues comprehension activities and review activities. There are also color pages to be cut apart to make study cards for each lesson.

The suggested time to get through the twelve lessons is 14 to 16 weeks. The plan is to do approximately one lesson per week and a major review and test after lessons six and twelve.

The teachers guide gives very detailed instruction for each day of the week so there’s little room for question or error.

Greek Morphemes Review

I had my sophomore, Oscar, work through the student book and use the thumb drive for his instructions three to four times a week.

Greek Morphemes

First of all, Oscar is a creature of habit. He despises change (is that a boy thing?) So he was delighted to see that each of the twelve lessons follows a specific pattern.

  • Lesson notes- watching the PP and filling in his answers
  • Assignment A- working the first half of the words
  • Assignment B- working the second half of the words
  • Assignment C- context clue sentences
  • Assignment D- review (this is also where that second file on the thumb drive comes in)
  • Making the study card
  • Taking the test

When I showed him the books, his first question was, “What on earth is morpheme?” Like mother like son, right?

From the book…

Consider the word ASTRONAUT. Sixty years ago there was no such word, then a man got into a special ship and went closer to the starts than anyone before. What to call him? In the Greek, ASTR means star and NAUT means ship. So… you see how it works.

One thing to keep in mind is that morphemes are “place bound”- that is some are prefixes and always come at the beginning of a word and others are suffixes and always come at the end. Still others, known as roots, can come anywhere in a word and these have prefixes and suffixes attaches to them.


Check out this sample lesson to get a better idea of how things work.

It took him no more than 25 minutes a day to complete each part of the lesson. He really dragged his feet at first because he wasn’t too excited about having to do it BUT towards the end he almost started to enjoy it. Oscar worked his way through five of the lessons and the benefits of doing the program were noticeable immediately.

He noticed that he could understand larger words much quicker by being able to break them down by meaning. There’s a rule in our homeschool- if you come to a word you don’t know, grab the dictionary. NOT Google, NOT Bing and DEFINITELY NOT Wikipedia. He was more than thrilled to not have to grab the dictionary as often as he used to.

Overall, this has been a great program to work with. The only thing I came across that I didn’t like about the program was that we couldn’t upload the content of the thumb drive to anything except laptops. We use iPads and other tablets while on the go and it just wasn’t an option with this. That being said, for being the only drawback, it’s pretty minor and very overlookable (is that even a word?).

Oscar has decided he wants to finish the books even though the review is over.

That may not sound like a big deal but let me explain… Because we review so many things, the kids always have the option of not continuing things after the review period is over (unless I deem it necessary- which is rare). So, for him to decide to do something that’s Language Arts (grammar, reading, writing) based is HUGE. Getting that child to enjoy anything from that category has been a struggle from day one!

Thank you Ready to Teach for creating this great product!

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