Flight & Metamorphosis Film Reviews

Flight and Metamorphosis Review

Flight & Metamorphosis Films Review

Birds and insects are two of my children’s favorite subjects, so when the opportunity came up to review Flight and Metamorphosis, we jumped on it! The DVDs are available from FishFlix.com. We received physical copies of both titles.

Metamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies Review

This transition from an earth bound plant-eating arthropod with limited vision and mobility into a beautiful winged insect that feeds on nectar and has exceptional navigational senses and can fly 50 miles in a day is truly a marvel in the natural world.

Some of what we learned:

  • Caterpillars multiply their weight 3000 times in two weeks
  • Caterpillars will undergo 4 or 5 molts before metamorphosis
  • All about the three stages of life for the caterpillar- egg, larva and chrysalis
  • How the chrysalis is formed
  • The cellular reconstruction from caterpillar to butterfly
  • How butterflies put together their proboscis after emergence from the chrysalis
  • There are over 20,000 species of butterflies
  • Butterflies born in the spring or early summer have a lifespan of only 2-4 weeks but the ones that are born in August can live up to 9 months!
  • All about the different migration patterns of the Monarch butterfly

Using magnetic resonance, scientists have been able to capture what happens during the transformation inside the chrysalis. It is nothing short of amazing.

No butterfly film would be complete without mentioning Monarchs. An impressive amount of footage shows the Monarchs eating, flying, perching, mating and laying eggs. 300 million butterflies that have flown 2500-3000 miles all perch in a single area, weighing down Oyamel Fir trees in Mexico.

One of the scientist in the film made a profound point concerning the Monarchs. They don’t have leaders or elders to show them where to go when they migrate. They all make migration trips in their life and they do it without a map or instruction. Innate intuition and navigational senses given by their Creator are all they need.

In the conclusion of the film, the theory of evolution and creationism are examined in relation to the metamorphosis of butterflies.

I sat down to watch Metamorphosis with four of my children, ages 3, 4, 13 and 16. The younger two wandered off after about half an hour but the older two stuck it out and actually quite enjoyed it. They kept commenting how butterflies are so much cooler than they thought.

The documentary is beautifully done with wonderful video footage, interviews with scientist and professors, narration and perfect instrumental and vocal background music. It is 64 minutes long and includes more than an hour of bonus features.  

Flight: The Genius of Birds Review

Some of what we learned:

  • Over 9,000 species of birds have been discovered
  • Bird eggs range in weight from less than an ounce to more than 3 pounds
  • How birds’ systems and organs are formed in the egg
  • Birds learn to fly by imitating their parents
  • Bird bones are hollow (mostly) which allows for light weight and ability to fly
  • All about the different types of feathers- how they move, are structured and grow
  • Hummingbirds eat approximately every 10-15 minutes!
  • Exactly how a hummingbird eats- which is quite neat!

One of the first things explored in the film is watching a chicken form inside an egg. It was especially neat to see because we just got our chicks yesterday! Maybe it’s just me but watching them form is like seeing an ultrasound of my babes in utero. Such a beautiful thing!

Metamorphosis and Flight films review @ thoushallnotwhine.com

In order to fly a bird’s body must be strong enough to free itself of the bonds of gravity and light enough to remain suspended in air. Its skeletal system is crucial to success.

The anatomy of birds (muscles, bones and feathers) and the mechanics of flight are examined quite extensively.

A large focus of the documentary is on two of our favorites… the Hummingbird and the Starling. Both birds are mesmerizing to watch.

Arctic Terns are also examined. Their remarkable 24,000 mile migration from their breeding grounds in the North Atlantic to Antarctica and the research that proved it is focused on.

I also watched this one with the four kids. Again, the younger two lost interest after about half an hour. The older ones enjoyed the entire documentary with me.

Running time for the film is about 63 minutes. The same format of interviews, music and footage is presented in this film as in Metamorphosis.

Overall thoughts

We really enjoyed the Flight & Metamorphosis films and learned so much! They are beautiful to watch and jam packed with knowledge- the perfect combination! These DVDs will be pulled out again and again.

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