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Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review Thoushallnotwhine.com

For as long as I have been homeschooling, I have admired those who capture their children’s learning experiences through notebooking. Notebooking and lapbooking are incredibly creative ways for children and families to record memories and things learned throughout the years. There are a great deal of resources out there to help not-so-creative moms like myself by providing ready-made materials. One such product is the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal from Apologia Educational Ministries.

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

True to Apologia’s tradition, this field trip journal is nothing short of beautiful, engaging and well put together. 64 pages of durable cardstock paper make up the journal.

The first few pages are full of ideas for fieldtrips and how to prepare for those trips. This section was incredibly helpful for me because I’m just not a super put-together person when it comes to stuff like that. I tend to think of things that I should have brought once we arrive at our destination instead of adequately preparing ahead of time.

The journal is divided into four different sections:

  • Places I’ve Explored Maps (6 total)
  • Field Trip Pages (20 total)
  • My Special Spot Pages (8 total)
  • As I See It Pages (12 total)

There are specific instructions included for each of the different sections.

Places I’ve Explored Maps

There are your state, country (USA), and world maps. Each map has a two-page spread for recording dates and notes.
Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review Thoushallnotwhine.com


Field Tip Pages

These pages make up the bulk of the journal. Each specific trip gets a two-page spread with spots to fill in like: a map, books read, drawing, things to see or do, and a place to write about the day. They’ve pretty much covered everything!

My Special Spot Pages

These pages threw me for a loop at first. Living in a suburban housing edition, there isn’t a whole lot of “nature” around us. We have a singular tree in our front yard and 1/8 of an acre of a back yard with nothing but sub-par grass.
Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review Thoushallnotwhine.com


The pages are meant to map out a small section of nature and watch it change throughout the seasons.

We weren’t able to use the pages yet but hopefully if we ever move out of the city we will!

As I See It Pages

The following prompt is given: “Sometimes you don’t want to document an experience in a specified manner. The following pages have been created to help you use your imagination to capture an experience as only you can see it.”

The pages are mostly blank aside from some scattered pictures to establish a possible theme.

How we used Apologia’s Field Trip Journal

I had my 6th grader take the journal with her on various trips. We went to my friend’s house who lives in the country. She wrote about that and included some drawings.

She also took it on a trip to the zoo. Again, she wrote about how her day went and a few things she learned. She also glued a map from the zoo and her dolphin show ticket into the book.

The journal could have gone on another couple of trips but we forgot it at home! I think the smart thing to do would be to leave it in the van so we have it all the time- even on those impromptu trips.

Overall, Julia really likes the Field Trip Journal and intends to keep using it. Thank you Apologia for another wonderful product!!

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
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