Circle C Adventures- Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

Circle C Adventures Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

From Circle C Adventures comes Tales from the Circle C Ranch ($7.99), a delightful new children’s book from Susan K. Marlow. We have enjoyed other books from Circle C Adventures and were excited to have the opportunity to review the latest product along with the accompanying lapbook, Andrea Carter’s Tales from the Circle C Ranch Learning Lapbook ($7.00). We received the physical book and a digital download copy of the lapbook.

Circle C Adventures – Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

I had my 12 year old (Julia) read the book and boy did she make light work of it! The 150-page softbound book is filled with 11 short stories that tell about events in Andi’s life that take place between the previous books. With Jules’ 13th birthday coming up quick, the reading level was a bit young for her. Overall, she enjoyed the stories but would recommend Tales from the Circle C Ranch for a younger audience, perhaps 8-11 year olds.

How we used it

Circle C Adventures Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

With the book came a lapbook that really reinforced the history learned through the book. The study guides that came with the lapbook were of particular interest to her. Each time she worked on the lapbook, the rest of the day was filled with , “Hey Mom, did you know _____ ?” Obviously she was learning a lot, which makes for a happy homeschool mama.

Circle C Adventures Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

Having never done a lapbook before, I was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. I would find her during “after school hours” (is there such a thing??) working on the lapbook instead of her usual pastime activities. Seeing her excitement at the completed project has really encouraged me to consider seeking more lapbook-based learning.

Circle C Adventures Tales from the Circle C Ranch Review

From the lapbook Jules learned about:

  • The history of photography
  • Blizzards
  • Fireworks
  • The history of britches, overalls and dresses (some of which surprised me!)
  • Jingle Bells and it’s origin
  • Writing limericks
  • Crabs
  • Different states
  • Snakes
  • Saddles
  • And more!!

To say the lapbook is comprehensive would be an understatement. I highly encourage you to purchase the lapbook along with the book. It’ really rounds out the experience and capitalizes on curious minds!

Our bottom line

This has been a wonderful experience. Circle C Adventures truly is a wonderful company that produces quality books for girls (and boys). In a society where little girls are encouraged to take part in and lead lives more like adult women,  these books truly are a blessing. When I see my little girl reading the books, I can breath a sigh of relief knowing that she is taking in wholesome and educational fun.

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  1. Thanks, Jen, for your enthusiastic review. Kudos to my publisher, Kregel Publications, for publishing my Circle C Adventures and providing them for the Schoohouse Review Crew. I did create the lapbook in partnership with A Journey Through Learning lapbooks. Two fellow homeschooling moms, Nancy and Paula, launched AJTL about 7 years ago and asked if they could create lapbooks for my other Andi series (CCAdventures). Now they create them for a number of big-name homeschool publishers like Geography Matters and Apologia. I’m blessed to have gotten “in” with them on the ground floor.
    AJTL lapbooks are amazing. Mine go with my books, of course, but they create many independent lapbooks too.
    Just thought I’d throw in a plug for homeschooling pals at AJTL

    Again, thanks a bunch for taking the time to review Tales. Your DD’s assessment is right on about the age level for Tales. 🙂 However, Andi, as you may know if you checked out the website, has a brand-new series for teens, where she is a teen, called Circle C Milestones. And you don’t need to have read any of the other series to enjoy these new adventures.


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