With Lee in Virginia ~ Another G.A. Henty Adventure {Review}

With Lee in Virgina Review Thoushallnotwhine.com

Having already reviewed In Freedom’s Cause and Under Drake’s Flag from Heirloom Audio Productions, we were excited to review their newest release, With Lee in Virginia. Taking place during the Civil War, With Lee in Virginia is an action-packed radio theatre adventure that is sure to appeal to all ages.

With Lee in Virginia Review

With an all-star cast that includes famous actors like Sean Astin and Kirk Cameron, and radio theatre giants like Brian Blessed and Chris Anthony, this production was destined to be a smashing hit.

With Lee in Virgina Review Thoushallnotwhine.com


Audio theatre in our home

Being a large family, I have to find a way to keep all mouths closed and hands busy so we can listen as a family. The kids range in age from eleven months to sixteen. I’ve found that listening to audio books just has to be done while the eleven month old is down for a nap.

My three, four and sixteen year olds play with Legos, and my thirteen year old sketches. I take advantage of this rare relaxed quiet time by curling up on the sofa with a cup of coffee, kicking back and allowing the amazing sounds of Heirloom Audio Productions to overtake our imaginations.

With over 2 1/2 hours of non-stop adventure, it took us several days to finish the entire 2-disc story.

Fun extras that come with the CDs

A free 52 page study guide helps parents engage their children with the story and the lessons behind it. Aside from simple question and answer time with younger children, the study guide can also be used as a series of written assignments for older children.

I highly recommend listening to the story through to the end at least once before using the study guide.

The questions for each segment of audio has three parts:

  1. Listening Well – these are the most simple in that you get the answers just from listening to the audio
  2. Thinking Further – these questions are a bit more challenging. They might require your child to look something up, draw conclusion from a character’s actions or speculate about intentions and mindsets. There isn’t always one correct answer.
  3. Defining Words – this section provides an opportunity for your children to expand their vocabulary.

At the end of the guide there are book lists for parents and older children who would like to learn more about Robert E. Lee and his faith. After that, there are two short Bible studies that are sure to help you and your child further understand the biblical principles that are woven throughout the story.

Bottom Line

As with the other fictional history productions from Heirloom Audio, we greatly enjoyed With Lee in Virginia! The love the action and I love the positive character role models. Any book, audio or physical, that points my children to Christ is a winner! The emphasis on responding appropriately to the duties in which we are called in this life makes this production one of the most positive experiences we’ve had with an audio book.

“The duty is ours. The consequences are God’s.”

– General Jackson

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With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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