Family Style Spanish Immersion ~ Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

Foreign Languages for kids by kids

My husband’s first language is (Brazilian) Portuguese. He came to the states when he was twelve years old. His mother (who just came to the states a year ago) lives with us and speaks very broken English. Our home is definitely bilingual. The children and I pick up their language simply by co-existing and seeing the language spoken in action.

This immersion-type of learning is no doubt the best way to learn a new language. Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids teaches Spanish the exact same way. By watching the online video-based program, your children witness the language spoken in a natural, family environment.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

For the past few weeks, the kids and I have been watching the videos online. Not only are the videos fun, they’re amazingly effective! My three and four year olds now play hide and seek by asking, “Donde? Donde esta?” (Where? Where are you?)

The first few videos introduce the main characters (three brothers) and their likes and dislikes. As the kids get to know the characters, they’re also being introduced to basic speech and breakfast words.

Some of the words the kids have come to use in regular conversation are:

  • Me gusta
  • No me gusta
  • Desayuno
  • Hola
  • Huevos
  • Pan
  • Gracias
  • De nada

Along with watching the videos a few times a week, we’ve also been using flashcards to help retain what we’ve seen and stickers to label things around the house.

The cardstock flashcards have two parts: 1. an image from the video 2. the answer to what each card is depicting.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids
The stickers are fun to use. Although the three and four year olds can’t read yet, having the stickers placed around the house help the big kids (and myself) to use the new language in everyday conversation.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids
We have watched the first few videos so many times that we are to the point of being able to recreate the videos ourselves (that’s a fun idea!)

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids offers many accompanying products to go with the online videos, as well as DVDs of the videos.

As we continue the program, I’ll keep you updated on everyone’s progress!

This program truly is amazing. Sign up for a FREE Trial of Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to get started today!

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