Season 3 of The Brinkman Adventures Review ~ Missionary Stories for the Whole Family

Each morning after breakfast is story time. Usually that means the kids play quietly with puzzles, baby dolls or Legos and listen to an audio story. For the past few weeks we’ve been listening to The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3. The Brinkman Adventures are amazing missionary stories for the whole family.

The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 Review

Season three features twelve action packed episodes on four CDs, and there’s over five hours of entertainment!

The episodes are each unique and engaging. From jails to jungles and the United States to Africa. The audio stories make me think of the old radio shows. Granted, I wasn’t around yet when the radio shows were a thing but it must have been something like this.

The stories are so well done! With well performing actors and top-notch sound effects, these missionary stories are some of the best quality I’ve ever heard. If you close your eyes, you’d think there’s a movie playing in the room.

Brinkman Adventures Review

Though the stories are different, they each echo the same resounding truth. . . the gospel. God’s love, providence, and truths are demonstrated over and over. The hardships and trials the missionaries go through are made real to those of us who have never been to a foreign mission field.

While some of the stories take place in foreign lands like Africa or Ecuador, there are also a couple that took place here in the States. Listening to a story about a little girl who overcome fear and began an Operation Christmas Child club that turned into one of the biggest events of her life was inspiring. . .  not just to me but to my children too.

Each episode inspires. They inspire and encourage children of all ages to know that they can make a difference for the Kingdom too. There are many things children can do here and now to help further the call of Christ. They inspire giving. After listening to the episodes children and adults are left with a feeling of wanting to help those out there.

My favorite of the stories was about a man named Umar. He became a Christian after losing a leg and prayed for a Bible in his language. After many years his prayer was answered. . . and God used him to help it come into fruition.

The children (ages one to sixteen) all enjoyed listening to the radio episodes over and over again. Each of the three seasons are available on CD or digital download. You can listen to episode #9 for free to get a peek at the great stories before you decide to buy.

On the Brinkman website you can read the stories behind the stories (spoiler!) and find some FREE printable pages for the first few episodes.

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Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review
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