10 Reasons We Love Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids (FLFK)

For a few months now, some of my children – ages 3, 4, 13, and 16- have been using Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids (FLFK). As a homeschool mom, curriculum comes and goes- some of it rather quickly. On the other hand, some curriculum choices have stayed around for years. I’m betting FLFK will be one of them. . . and here’s why.


10 Reasons We Love FLFK

#1 FLFK is fun

The video-based Spanish curriculum is one that my littles ask to watch over and over. They treat it more like a cartoon than a learning curriculum. When I asked them what they thought of the videos, both of them said in unison, “It’s fun!”

#2 FLFK can be used with all ages

As I mentioned above, both my littles and my bigs are able to use the program. Of course they each go into the program with a little different intention, but they are all learning just the same. Thankfully, this is a program you don’t have to pay for individually. You get one subscription and the WHOLE family can learn and enjoy together!

#3 FLFK is multi-sensory

Having five children, we’ve got several different learning style combinations in the house, and FLFK works for all of them. The videos (visual/auditory), flashcards (tactile/visual), workbooks (tactile/visual), games (visual, auditory), and acting out the videos (kinesthetic/tactile) work together to form a truly multi-sensory Spanish curriculum.

#4 The unique teaching style

Unlike any other online Spanish curriculum I’ve seen, FLFK uses immersion to teach the kids. No classrooms. Not instructional videos. No “repeat after me”.

I believe this truly is the most effective way of teaching a new language to anyone, no matter the age.

#5 FLFK is effective

Because of the immersion-style videos, children (and adults) naturally pick up the language. My three and four year olds speak whole (fractured) sentences in Spanish. They use Spanish words interchangeably with English in everyday conversations. My big also have picked things up rather quickly. They can overhear conversations or read signs in Spanish and translate with accuracy!

#6 Progress is measurable

Beyond the obvious progress seen and heard in your children, FLFK has provided quizzes and workbooks if you need a more measurable form of progress or need to keep homeschool records.

#7 FLFK is kids teaching kids

I believe children learn more naturally and with less instruction required when they are learning with other kids. Watching the children of FLFK is like seeing family videos. They’re real. They’re memorable. And of course, they’re fun.

#8 There’s no prep required!

I LOVE that all I have to do is log in to set the kids on the path to learning!

#9 FLFK is mobile

We can use laptops, tablets, or even our phones to access FLFK- which means the kids can turn it on in the car, in the house or even in the store!

#10 FLFK is inexpensive

At just $14/month (works out to $3.23/week), Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is a Spanish curriculum that pretty much any family can afford! And when you get multiple people using it.. well it just makes it all that much more worth it!

There you have it. . . Why We Love Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids!

Do you have curriculum in your homeschool that you just couldn’t do without? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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