5 Sure Fire Tips to Actually Follow Through With Your Daily Bible Study

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Bible study

Reading and studying my Bible have always been important to me, but sadly I haven’t always made Bible study a priority. For years I would tap the snooze button one too many times, too many days a week. After a while sleeping in and skipping my quiet time became the norm. And the tomorrow that I planned on finally getting back into the Bible study habit never came.

It wasn’t until a Sunday a couple of months ago when we were getting ready for church that it hit me. I couldn’t find my Bible. It had been too many days since I picked it up to even remember where it was. I ended up finding it in the van where I left it the Sunday before.

I sat in shame as we rode to church. Not only did I know that I had failed, my kids did too. It was then that I decided to no longer would I let my flesh get the better of me. Sleep is nice, but time in God’s word is better.

Because I know the value of planning, I had to come up with a better way of going about this. The lazy mommy, shuffling around, searching for her Bible had to go.

So after some prayer, thought, and research, I came up with five Bible study tips that were effective for me.

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