5 Winter Activities To Do With The Kids

During the winter, it can be easy to discount the outdoors and just plan to stay inside all the time. But there is still so much we can do with our littles after the weather turns cold. Over the years we have established more and more family traditions and fun activities to do in the snow.

Here are our Top 5 Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter Activities

1 Find animal tracks

After fresh snow, there’s nothing more fun than taking the littles out to find animal tracks. We take pictures of the tracks we find, usually deer, birds, dog, raccoon, etc., and then come back in and look through our favorite nature books to find out who was in our yard!

They get so tickled when we have a whole family of deer come through.

2 Build snowmen and igloos

Want to test to see if you are a control freak? Try building a lopsided, uneven, one-eyed snowman. Trust me, it will put your inner perfectionist to the test. Once I get over my initial need to have perfectly smooth snow and symmetrical parts… we have so much fun! We build snow doggies, snow kitties, even snow trees! You’re only limited by your (or their) imagination.

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