Review ~ Printable and Online Tests, Activities, Lessons, and Games for PreK-12 is on online resource for teachers. It has printable worksheets, tests, activities, lessons and games for all grades. I received the Pro Plan (one year membership) to the site in exchange for my honest review. ($24.95 value)

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The online teaching resource has a lot to offer. From astronomy to grammar and social studies to graphic organizers, there is something for every teacher. When I first looked at the site, I was excited to see all the possibilities. Being able to print worksheets and tests for different subjects from a singular site is nice. However, the more I looked around, I realized that the majority of its content is Common Core (CC) aligned. Now for some families, that may not matter. But for us, it does. One of the main reasons we homeschool is so that we have the freedom to teach/learn what we believe to be best for our children- and Common Core is not a part of that.

Thankfully, only the majority of the Language Arts and Math curriculum offered is CC, while most of the Science, History and Geography is not so we used mostly that part of the site. Review

This online resource is an excellent tool to complete a plethora of different types of tasks. You can make tests for you students and then either print them out or assign them to each student electronically. The students have the ability to practice the tests as well. You can manage up to 500 students with the Pro Plan.

Lessons are offered in varying subjects and each one tells you how long it will take to complete and if there is a video included. You can browse by subject or by grade level. Once a lesson or test is assigned to a student (which is done by email), they just log in and begin the assignment.

How We Used

As I said above, there are curriculum supplements for every grade from pre-k to 12 grade. I have kids in pre-k, 7th grade, and 11th grade.

For the preschoolers, I printed out some practice sheets of letters and numbers. There are several things like matching, recognition, and thinking thinking skills practice sheets that I would have liked to print out but were just too color-rich. Instead I pulled the page up on my laptop or tablet and just had the kids follow the instructions using their fingers or giving me the answer orally. That way we could use more than just the black and white worksheets.

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Julia, my 7th grader, used a lot of the science lessons. She worked her way through some of the middle school chemistry, physics and astronomy lessons. We found the lessons brief and really didn’t dive too deep into anything. It was all kind of sporadic overviews.

online resource

I was excited to see a literature section and to find titles like The Hunger Games, Holes, A Wrinkle in Time, The Giver and other familiar works. I was hoping to find some kind of study guide or literature enrichment resource. Instead each of them is just a 10 question quiz of the book. Being a Charlotte Mason-esque homeschool, I was very turned off by that.

Our Bottom Line

Unfortunately this is just not a good fit for our family. We don’t do worksheets too often, nor do I give my younger than high school students quizzes and tests. However, I do know many homeschool families that DO use quizzes, tests, busy work, and worksheets everyday. I guess it just boils down to preference.

Overall, has the potential to be a great resource for families. And at the price of just $24.95/year, it is very affordable.

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