Family Bible Study – Grapevine: The Resurrection Review

Family Bible study is super important to me, but finding something that accommodates everyone (ages 3-adult) can be difficult. We were given the opportunity to review The Resurrection: Multi-level  from Grapevine Studies.

Family Bible Study Review

Grapevine Studies is nothing new to us. We were blessed to be able to review them last year for the Crew too. We are big fans of stick figuring our way through the Bible. No matter the age of the kids, the program is perfect. It allows for reading the actual Bible, family discussion, drawing (keeping hands busy), and the best part- coming closer to the Lord as a family.

Recommended Supplies:

  • Bible of your choice
  • Dry erase board
  • Markers- 8 colors
  • Bible dictionary
  • Grapevine Studies Teacher Book
  • Grapevine Studies Student Book
  • Colored pencils (I have found that crayons work just as well for little ones)

What does a lesson look like?

There is a recommended schedule of two lessons per week. Each lesson includes scripture to be read aloud, discussion questions, and a drawing box. In the Traceable version, there is already a faint outline for your little one to trace and color.

How we enjoyed Grapevine Studies: The Resurrection

Because we got eBooks instead of hardcopys of the Traceable Book, Elementary Book, and Teacher Book, I was able to print out what I needed when I needed. The physical books are only to be used with one child, but the eBooks can be used for as many as you’d like . . . Yay! I made a copy of the Traceable student pages for both of my preschoolers, paper-clipped each kid’s stack, and only gave them one page at a time. I kept all of our supplies together for easy grabbing in the morning. I try to do our daily family Bible study each morning right after breakfast. This seems to be the best time for my family but every family is different. If you can only manage to get your family Bible study done in the evenings. . . that’s great too!

The Resurrection has nine lessons and a final review. The nine lesson are:

  1. The Last Supper
  2. Gethsemane
  3. The Religious Trials
  4. The Civil Trials
  5. The Crucifixion
  6. The Death and Burial of Jesus
  7. The Resurrection
  8. The Witness
  9. Jesus Went to Heaven

The final review is a list of 53 questions/verses to recite. Realistically, there is no way that my preschoolers would be able to answer all of these questions and recite the memory verses without error.

Each time we pulled out our Grapevine study, we began with prayer. We used a few of our own “little kid bible study tools” to use along with the study. The kids each have picture Bibles and we have a favorite student Bible dictionary. After reading the focus story for the lesson, the kids immediately began drawing/tracing on their pages. Sometimes the discussion questions were actually used and sometimes . . . well, sometimes I was lucky just to make it through the story. 🙂 Gotta love preschoolers!

We’ve really enjoyed using the Grapevine Bible study and look forward to doing more in the future.

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