Multi-Level Language Arts Curriculum Review

Spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are some of my husband’s top concerns when it comes to homeschooling. He came to the states from Brazil when he was twelve years old. It took him almost two years to speak, write, and understand the language. Since English is his second language, and something that has been a barrier for him at times, he is adamant that our children excel at it.

We have recently been working our way through one of the most comprehensive all-in-one multi-level language arts curriculum we’ve ever seen. Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English is a very thorough program that incorporates reading, spelling, phonics, grammar and vocabulary. 

Multi-Level Language Arts Curriculum Review

Logic of English Review
We received the complete volume 1 set for review. It includes:

See? There’s a lot to this program! It is designed with children eight years old and up in mind. Others who would benefit from the program are struggling readers, struggling spellers, and students with dyslexia. Even ESL students would benefit from this, I know my husband would have when he was a child. I’ve had him look through the different materials with me and he strongly believes this is a wonderful language arts curriculum for anyone struggling with learning the English language.

How we used Essentials 2nd edition

I primarily had my 7th grader in mind when deciding to review the new Essentials. She’s a fantastic reader and as a result, her vocabulary is quite extensive. However, she is terrible at spelling! Trying to have a conversation with the child via text message is insanely frustrating. I find myself constantly retyping what she’s just said with the * before everything to let her know she has spelled something incorrectly. She tries to spell things phonetically- I used to do the same thing as a young student. It took me learning Latin and Greek roots and morphemes to finally quit spelling things so horrifically.

Essentials has done for my daughter what it took me years to do on my own. As I mentioned before, this is a multi-level program. The levels are A, B, and C. Julia is level C because she is an excellent reader, has an expansive vocabulary, and really only needs help with the spelling.

Using the student workbook, she made her way through a few lessons a week. Focusing on spelling and morphemes really helped her make a connection with not just how words are spelled, but also why they are spelled that way.

What we thought of Essentials 2nd edition

There is A LOT of material with many different components here. I have to admit that upon opening the box, I was completely overwhelmed. It took me a couple days to work up the bravery to sit down, look through and sort it all. This is a time consuming program- for the parent and student. You’re looking at 4-5 days a week of work plus prep time for each of those days. I’m in a season right now where I just can’t be doing all of that. With a high schooler, middle schooler, 2 preschoolers, a toddler and being pregnant. . . I need something as little teacher intensive as possible.

Thankfully my daughter is able to independently move through the workbook on her own and we go over what she’s done or might need help with during our daily time together. This is what works for us. Your family is quite possibly different from ours and you have the time (and energy) to prep for each day and actually give spelling tests. If this is the case, then I say go for it! Essentials is a wonderful program that truly helps students of all ages get a firm foundation in all areas of language arts.

Logic of English Review
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