Preschool Weather Unit

preschool weather unit

Preschool is perhaps my favorite stage of learning. Don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling through all the grades, but there is just something about preschool that makes my heart happy.

Maybe it’s that so much is new and experienced for the first time. Or that they simply trust what we say when they ask the complex questions: “How does the sun shine?” “Why are there so many kinds of birds?” “Where do clouds come from?”

The simple answers always begin with God. He created all things for us to enjoy and remind us of Him.

We are a Charlotte Mason-esque homeschool, so the majority of what my littles learn is through natural play and reading. This year I have been a bit more intentional about providing books from the library based on interests my four and five-year-olds have expressed.

Recently, the hot topic was weather.

I did some research and found a multitude of ideas for my littles and I to explore. I put together a doable list of preschool-appropriate experiments, field trips, nature-inspired books, etc. This weather unit is the result.

The majority of the activities collected here can be done inside. However, nothing can substitute actually being outside and enjoying nature with your children!



Nature Study: Seasons and Weather Chart



  • Print this weather chart and get started taking notice of the weather each day
  • Here is a fun season match up page to help the littles recognize the different happenings during the different seasons
  • Play this delightfully fun weather movement game together

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