Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

In the past I have struggled with simple housekeeping. But once I finally got a handle on things, we were able to settle into a cleaning routine that has helped me maintain the house without pulling my hair out. There are a few things that I do every day to maintain my home. If nothing else, these get done, and honestly it only takes a few minutes for each one!

Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

I have learned that simple, daily upkeep is the secret to a clean home. A little at a time adds up over time. So, these are the five things I do every day to keep my house in shape.

1. Keep the floors swept

I have hard wood floors so every speck of dust and dirt shows. Sweeping each room daily really helps to significantly cut down on the grimy build up.

2. Keep the kitchen sink empty

I cannot express enough the difference a clean kitchen makes – especially first thing in the morning!

3. Keeping the bed made

Having a made bed brightens the room. It’s also much more cozy to crawl into at night than a rolled up lump of covers.

4. Keep laundry off of the floor

Yes, there is always laundry, and there always will be laundry. However, If we can get it up off the floor and neatly sorted into baskets, it doesn’t look like such a mess!! Having the laundry room clutter free and the floor swept and clear, it just looks SO MUCH BETTER. It’s not stressing. It’s not intimidating.

5. Wipe the bathroom mirrors and counters

Having three small children, my bathroom counters and mirrors get spotty pretty quick. Normally, I use clean cleaners, but for these quick daily wipes I snagged a package of Windex wipes. It literally takes less than 10 seconds to get the mirrors, sink, and counter wiped. And it is sooo worth it!

Not only do these simple housekeeping habits make me feel better about the state of my house, but I also have peace knowing that if someone pops by unexpectedly my house isn’t a mess! I don’t have to be embarrassed!

One tool that really helps me to do a little bit every day is Motivated Mom’s Printable Chore Calendar. It’s only $8 and it is WONDERFUL! Each day you are given tiny tasks to do, that over time add up to a super clean and de-cluttered house. There are several different formats and sizes to choose from. Check out the sample below.


I spent a long time living with a messy house. Looking back now, I don’t know how I did it. The filth drives me nuts now – which my husband greatly appreciates. Like most husbands, he likes a clean house.

What about you? What do you do daily to keep your house clean?

If you are having trouble finding time to clean, check out Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings. These two e-courses encouraged and inspired me so much. They have literally changed my life.

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