Worms Nature Study

Nature Study ~ Worms

This week we are studying worms!

In the May section of the Spring Nature Study Guide from Outdoor Hour Challenge was a unit on worms. Since it has been especially rainy in our area lately, we went ahead and went with that section for this week’s nature study. Using Anna Botsford Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Studywe read and learned a great deal about earthworms.

I found this amazing site called Adventures with Herman from the University of Illinois. It’s an animated site that gives loads of information (anatomy, what they eat, how they live/survive, etc…) about worms on a level that kids completely understand. We also made and colored some worm notebooking pages.

We made a worm farm! As part of the layering process, the instructions call for sand, but we used rice instead. It’s almost the same, right???

Nature Study ~ Worms
Our worm farm

We also grabbed a few (ahem, every one I could put on hold) worm books from the library. We had many more, but these are the ones we really liked:

We made some mud play dough, which turned out pretty neat!

Nature Study ~ Worms
Making some worms with our “mud” play dough!


In pulling out one of our trusty Janice VanCleave books, we found some fun projects:

  • Heads or Tails – determine if one end of an earthworm is more sensitive to odors
  • Floaters – determine why earthworms surface during a heavy rain
  • Night Crawlers – determine if earthworms respond to different light waves

This week’s nature study has been so much fun. I struggle with keeping things fun vs. getting them done so I can check a box on my planner page. Do you?

Next week we are studying apples and apple trees.

Have a great weekend!

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