Simple Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Life- Part 1: Identify Your Stressors And Make A Plan {FREE printable}

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Identify Your Stressors

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast entitled 5 Ways to De-stress. Most of what she was saying I had heard before like not taking on too much, you do have the power to say “no”, accepting things you can’t change, and so on. However, Joyce did say something I had never thought of… identify your stressors.

She said that she literally sat down and 1.) made a list of everything that stressed her out, and 2.) wrote out solutions for those things she could change or prevent. I decided to do the same thing as soon as I possibly could.

Once the children were in bed, I made myself a cup of my favorite tea and began to consider what sets me off. What happens daily (or near daily) that grinds my gears, makes me loose my cool, and ultimately turn into dragon mommy?

After a good half an hour, I had my list of stressors.

  1. last minute writing (blogging)
  2. being unprepared for meals
  3. having an unfocused day
  4. poor attitudes/manners in the kids
  5. chaotic mornings
  6. random piles of stuff
  7. schoolwork not getting done
  8. lots of piled up laundry
  9. messy bedroom
  10. when my husband can’t find socks

Now that I had identified my stressors, I needed to come up with a plan for each one.

My Plan of Action

  1. Plan ahead-  schedule posts using WordPress Calendar and get them written a week in advance. Designate a daily time to write.
  2. Write meal plans out. Begin stockpiling freezer meals.
  3. Create a daily rhythm and keep it visible (based on what we already do).
  4. Keep the kids’ love tanks full by spending one on one time with each of them. Read aloud daily. Have a daily meal helper. Character training.
  5. Get up with an alarm!!
  6. Commit to 30 minutes of our daily quiet time to tackling piles of clutter.
  7. See #3, establish daily meetings with the bigs.
  8. Complete two loads of laundry Monday-Saturday.
  9. Commit daily time to bedroom maintenance
  10. Mate the socks and put them away!! (this one really gets me- it makes me feel like a failure as a wife. Why can’t I just mate the dang socks?!?!)

Okay, so I’ve identified my stressors, formulated a plan to keep them at bay, but now what?? I decided I need daily/weekly goals written out for each one. How else will I measure how I’m doing? You’ll find my goals in Simple Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Life- Part 2: Setting Goals next week!!

In the mean time, identify your stressors by taking the time to really think about it and make a list. And then make a plan of action for each item. I’ve made a fun printable to help get you started.

identify your stressors

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