Large Family Living: Many Hands Make for Lighter Work

Large with a Large Family

I am currently pregnant and due with my sixth child in September. My baby belly is quite obvious at this point so I get a lot of the, “how far along??“, which is inevitably followed by, “Is this your first?“.  I always smile inwardly as I answer, “No, my sixth.

At this point most people comment about how much work it must be to have so many children, how tired I must be, or.. don’t I know what causes that??

I can honestly tell you that having many children makes family work go quicker. When we train our children from toddler-hood to help with the chores, it makes daily life go more smoothly. And ultimately they grow up to be adults with good values like personal responsibility and a sense of ownership.

Large Family Living: Many Hands Make for Lighter Work

Children of every age can help with the daily goings on in the home. From the time they wake up in the morning, if you have a daily rhythm, your children will know what to expect and what is expected of them. 

My children are two, four, five, thirteen, and seventeen. In our home, everyone has daily and weekly chores that range from doing laundry to setting the table. Two days a week I have a kitchen buddy (my four and five-year-olds take turns) who helps me make meals, organize the fridge, and much more. For each meal, we have as a family, my four year old sets the table and my five-year-old clears it. My thirteen-year-old does all the folding and hanging up of the laundry. My seventeen year old maintains the yard (and we have a big yard!)

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