6 First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions (Back To School Series)

Homeschool Traditions

Homeschool traditions have long been something fun the kids look forward to. Over the years, we have tried different things to enliven our first day back to homeschool. Some things we only did once, while others stuck and became part of our homeschool traditions.

6 First Day Back to Homeschool Traditions

1 Special breakfast

We love breakfast. And my kids are the ones who want to eat as soon as they wake up. One of our favorite breakfasts is overnight waffles. We make them special by adding some homemade whip cream and sprinkles. YUM! Cinnamon rolls are another fun breakfast we might have for our first morning back to school. Or, if I really don’t feel like cooking but still want something special, I’ll make some Apple Banana Nut overnight crock pot oatmeal.

2 First day of school photos

First day of school photos are a must. Usually taken in pajamas in the front yard, we like to keep it traditional by standing in the same spot each year. It’s neat to see how much kids grow from one year to the next.

3 Do a 1st day survey

Something new we are doing this year is a first day of school survey. It will be a nice accompaniment to our photos.

4 Personalize folders/binders

I am all about letting the kids make things “their own”. Something we are doing this year is making personalized folder holders. These DIY storage boxes are perfect for holding the kids’ folders and notebooks. I plan to let the kids dig into our scrapbook supplies and really get creative. It’s going to be messy fun!

5 Special lunch date

My husband manages a restaurant in town. Sometimes, to make our first day back extra special we’ll take our lunch break and go see Daddy. He loves it! And the kids love telling him all about their morning and the new things we are doing.

6 First day of school signs

This is a super easy one to incorporate each year. There are a plethora of back to school signs on Pinterest, but these are the ones we’ll be using this year.

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