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FlipStir Puzzle Review

Lately the kids have been playing with our Solar System FlipStir Puzzle ($24.95 value) from Enlivenze LLC. FlipStir Puzzles are NOT your regular puzzles!

It might look complicated but the instructions are easy: 1. Shake 2. Stir 3. Solve.

We picked the Solar System for review, but there are several other options available to pick from:

They currently only offer the five puzzles listed above.

A little about the Flip Stir Puzzles

  • It’s a fun, self-contained puzzle that’s easy to take on the road (toss in your purse or diaper bag!)
  • Recommended for ages 7 and up (but my 4 and 5 year olds LOVE it!)
  • It’s a 10-piece, level 2 puzzle (there are 5 levels of difficulty)
  • Made in the USA (YAY!)

*Quick note about the different levels –  level 1 puzzles have flat edges, while the level 2 puzzles have wavy edges, making them a bit harder to manipulate.*

How we used our FlipStir Puzzle

As soon as the puzzle came, it was out of the box. My only regret in this review is that I didn’t have more to go around! All five of the children (ages 2-17) were anxiously awaiting their turn. Of course, the two and four year old weren’t too successful but still had fun trying.

The older kids, however, were successful and became quite competitive! After a while it became a timed matter. . . who could get and keep the lowest time?? 

I kept the FlipStir Puzzle handy whenever we were out running errands too. It was super handy to pull out and quell a grumpy child.

Some things I really appreciate about the FlipStir Puzzle

  • no pieces to lose!
  • no batteries to replace
  • the tactile wand helps improve motor skills
  • it helps improve eye-hand coordination
  • it’s super easy to clean

This has definitely been a fun review for the whole family. Even Dad got in on the fun! I totally recommend these awesome puzzles to everyone every where!

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