When You Just Don’t Feel Like Homeschooling Today ~ Have A Plan B (Back To School Series)

Plan B: When You Just Don't Feel Like Homeschooling

As homeschool moms we’ve all been there. Maybe one or more of the kids is sick. Maybe you are sick. Or maybe everyone just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever the case. . . sometimes we just don’t feel like homeschooling. Sometimes we have to put away the math workbooks, science books, and spelling lists in exchange for a little change of pace.

Sometimes we need a Plan B.

Here’s a quick list of Plan B ideas for when you just don’t feel like homeschooling the traditional way and need a change of pace.

Having a Plan B is super helpful when the children (and our own stinky attitude) are being anything but. However, it’s REALLY super helpful if this Plan is already written down somewhere, ready to grab and reference when the time comes. And trust me, it will come.

Reading Day

You could read together. Read alone. Read outside. Read aloud. Read a play and act it out together. Just spend the whole day reading. . . and it doesn’t have to be school books! Go to the library (or pick from your own) and let the kids read something just for fun.

Home Economics Day

This is something we do every other Wednesday. Homeschooling is about so much more than just finishing workbooks and knowing the order of the planets. We are preparing our children to be self-reliant, functional adults. Therefore, in my opinion, home ec day is a must. I have taught my children how to do chores (properly), how to make and store make ahead meals , how to make homemade cleaners . . . the list goes on and on. Not only are you getting a change of pace, you are giving your children much needed life skills.

Nature Study Day

You could venture outdoors (your backyard counts!) and identify some trees, leaves, flowers, tracks, or scat. Lay on the ground and watch the clouds, and have a book to help you identify which types of clouds you are seeing. Take a trip to a natural history museum. Read up on how to take care of your pet(s). Do some bird watching. The ideas are endless.

Game Day

Do nothing but play games. . . and eat snacks. ALL DAY. Yes, there will be a mess, but it will be FUN! 

So there are just a few ideas on how to change the pace in your homeschool when you (or the kids) don’t feeling like homeschooling the everyday way.

What do you do when you need a change of pace? What special treats/trips/ideas do you save for those days?

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  1. I appreciate that you HAVE a plan B. I need to put these in the back of my planner so that when we do feel off, and my brain does not want to focus, there is something concrete that we can do to still have fun and be productive. – Lori


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