5 Encouraging Books For Mom

Encouraging Books for Mom

5 Encouraging Books for Moms

How do you find encouragement as a homeschool mom?  Especially now that my son is in high school (eek!), I find that my own time is more devoted to lesson planning, to longer class and subject times (which means several more hours daily), and ensuring that we’re focusing on the things that we need to during these years of upper-level study.  And that’s not even including preparing healthy meals, and keeping the home in order!

My solution is keeping a stack of books nearby that can strengthen me, encourage me, and help me as a woman and a mom.  I spend a little time in God’s Word most days; I like to vary the translation from time to time, which can help the Bible stay fresh in my heart and mind.  But these wonderful books can also be a ready help for prayer, for words of encouragement, or even a fresh outlook on my life and my home.  Check out these encouraging books for moms like you . . .

How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You? Rachael Carman

I HAD to get this book when I saw the title.  “How many times do I have to tell you….”  …to pick up your socks?  …clean out the sink?  …fold your clothes?  …and so on?  But funny, wise author Rachael Carman began to notice that the things that she was saying to her kids were also things that God was saying to her; on a deeper level than just the reminders about home chores.  Some examples:

  • Be quiet
  • Together we can do it
  • Pay attention
  • Let me know when you get some self-control (ouch!)
  • I love to hear you sing!
  • And more

In this sweet yet thoughtful book, the author shares the many, many phrases that she spoke to her kids…and the way God showed her deeper things in moments that He was saying the same words to her.  Gentle, humorous, and wise, this is a fantastic way to go deeper with God in ways we might not have expected.

365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most John W. Michalak

Sometimes, a mom may just have a few moments to devote to reading.  Devotional books like this can be an enormous help.  In this one, Mr. Michalak has divided the year into weeks focusing on important topics like our identities, our purposes, our own growth, focus, learning, wisdom; but also on our interactions with the world.  What does matter most, and how do we embrace it?  These daily readings help us to raise our eyes to not only what God is doing in us, but what He is doing in the world.

Praying for Your Children Elmer L. Towns, David Earley

I have enjoyed Elmer Towns’ books on prayer off and on for years; but this is the first time I’ve dipped into his work on praying for our children.  Together with David Earley, he brings wise words on parenting and praying for our kids, and the utter and unbelievable difference those prayers can bring.  Why do we need to pray?  Why is prayer important?  How do we pray?  What are some ways we can pray for our kid?  The authors even include specific words that both we and our children can pray, as well as important Scriptures we can pray over them.  Fantastic resource from a writer I highly respect.

How to Have a Heart for Your Kids  Rachael Carman

Yes, here’s Rachael Carman again!  This time, she shares ways we can be lovingly devoted to our kiddos using the word HEART to remind us of how we can:

  • H—Have a heart for the things of God
  • E—Enrich your marriage
  • A—Accept your kids
  • R—Release them to God
  • T—Teach them the truth

In each chapter, she develops these themes more deeply and thoughtfully, includes Scriptures that underline each one, and ends with a list of questions so that we can explore our own responses to the words she shares.  Fantastic resource for the homeschool mom who wants to love her family well while she also educates her kids.

A Million Little Ways Emily P. Freeman

This is one of my favorites of this list, and one I’m taking my time to move through.  The subtitle of A Million Little Ways is “Uncover the art you were made to live.”  Isn’t that lovely?  It reminds me that I was created for a purpose, and that purpose is a beautiful one.  I teach art at our homeschool coop, and I enjoy it so much.  I’m not a trained artist, yet I delight in helping students uncover the beauty that painters and sculptors have placed in their artwork.  Isn’t it even truer that we are God’s masterpieces, God’s own artwork?  Emily P. Freeman shares all that she has learned about this encouraging topic.

In closing:

Moms, your work is important…and YOU are important.  Be encouraged that you truly are on this planet, in your family, for such a time is this.  And may you find encouragement in God’s Word, in one of these books, and in your lives with your precious ones.

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