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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

Apologia is no stranger in our homeschool. We have used many of their science books, as well as one of their planners, the Field Trip Journal, and other homeschooling books. As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we recently received Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition  from Apologia Educational Ministries for review. To say that we were excited about it would be a huge understatement! 

Our review materials included:

  • Student Text ($39.00)
  • Notebooking Journal ($27.00)
  • Jr. Notebooking Journal ($27.00)
  • Audio CD ($29.00)

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Astronomy Review
I began reading through the Student Text immediately. As with all the other Jeannie Fulbright science books we’ve used, we loved the conversational style in which it is written. The text is intended for grades K-6. The Junior Notebooking Journal is recommended for grades kindergarten through second/third grade, and the regular Notebooking Journal is for third grade and up. Maxwell, my 5 year old, worked through some of the pages in the Junior Notebooking Journal.

The Journal gives a suggested daily schedule that outlines four to seven assignments per lesson.  At a pace of two daily assignments per week, this course would take a full year.

*Side Note: Apologia has just released their brand new Astronomy Second Edition Science Kit, and it’s currently $15% off!

Apologia has designed this Astronomy Science Kit to launch your student’s mind on an educational journey through God’s universe.

The kit includes 63 total activities: 42 activities found in the textbook and 21 bonus activities noted in the textbook and found only in the Apologia Astronomy Science Kit.

How are the two Journals different?

Largely, the two journals are identical. The small differences include:

  • The Jr. Journal has more coloring pages and kindergarten-type lines for writing, while the regular Journal has regular lines
  • The regular Journal has more crosswords and word finds than the Jr. Journal

So what are some of the differences between the first and second editions of Apologia Astronomy?

In the second edition textbook and notebooking journals, you’ll find:

  • Biblical wisdom used throughout the textbook
  •  14 updated lessons
  • Wisdom from Above and Think About This – boxes which give special attention to God as Creator
  •  A new color-coordinated schedule for the textbook, notebooking journals, and lab kit (I love this!)
  •  Fresh layouts for activities found within the textbook
  • Spaces to journal each textbook and notebook activity
  • And more!

How we used Exploring Creation with Astronomy

Because I used this primarily with my kindergartners, we used the Student Text as a read aloud. Because of easy-to-understand style of writing, the kids enjoyed listening to me read and looking at the pictures. The images, by the way, are wonderful! Very explanatory, yet easy to understand. We read a few pages each day (most days).

We listened to the Audio CD during quiet time and in the van at times. Personally, I love the Audio CD. Having just given birth to my 6th child, mommy isn’t always available to read aloud. Having the Audio CD has really come in handy for that.

Because Max isn’t writing a whole lot yet, using the Jr. Notebooking Journal was more about coloring the pictures as I read and drawing his interpretation of what we learned on the notebooking pages. We also did the verses, and other activities orally instead of written.

We spent an extended amount of time on the initial solar system lesson. The kids have always been enthralled with earth and where we are in conjunction with the rest of the solar system. We checked out extra books from the library and watched some fun videos on the internet.

Overall, this has been a wonderful experience. I look forward to using the book more in depth with the children as they get older. The text is awesome, the CD is indispensable, and the Notebooking Journals are fun. I recommend the second edition to any homeschooling family with children in kindergarten through sixth grade!

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Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review
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