Homeschool Journal 10/28/16 – In Which I Nurse A Baby While Perusing Colleges

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The other day we celebrated two of my daughters’ birthdays. Although, it wasn’t actually either of their birthdays- one was three weeks ago and the other was two months ago! It was loads of fun and many more people showed up than were anticipated.

Anyway, while listening to the different conversations and refilling lemonade, I overheard a comment that made me stop. “The world just isn’t large family friendly.” I turned to find that the person who said it had three children already, and this thought itself is what was giving the husband second thoughts about having more kids. The wife wants more kids, no question about it, but the husband isn’t entirely sold. Another child would mean a new vehicle, larger dining room table, larger sofas eventually. . .

As I thought about what he said, I realized he was right. What used to be common, is now grounds for being considered freaks. And if you homeschool your large family . . . well forget about it, you’re labeled for life.


My great-grandparents both had 10-12 siblings. That was normal and even expected back then. What happened? Why does having just six children make people balk now?

Part of having a large family is the sibling age gap. For some, their children are all just a year or two apart. For others (like us), we have a seventeen year difference between my oldest and youngest. That means that I’m breastfeeding and preparing my oldest for college at the same time. I’m potty training my two year old and teaching my fourteen year old how to run a household. I am teaching my kindergartners to read and write while making supper.

This life is completely normal to me. As a large homeschooling family, we do everything together. We cook together. We eat together. We play together. We do chores together. We run errands together. Every aspect of life is shared. Isn’t that what families were meant to be like? (getting of my soap box now)

But speaking of prepping for college, this is HARD! The searching, the comparing, the FAFSA stuff, the TRANSCRIPTS, and then throw in the indecisive teenager and you’ve got the recipe for a headache.

Thankfully I’ve had Lee Binz to guide me. Her resources have proved to be invaluable.

The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships: Homeschool Secrets to Getting Ready, Getting In and Getting Paid  and Setting the Records Straight: How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships have been my reading material for the past few weeks. For someone like me who waited until the last moment for all this, these books have been life savers. I highly recommend them to anyone who is homeschooling through high school. AND I urge you not to wait until senior year to get started with the official stuff! 

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve already begun planning Julia’s high school career. Now I just need to discipline myself to keep better records . . .

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