Scripture Writing ~ Guest Post by Carol from Home Sweet Life

Scripture Writing

What do you do when God impresses a verse of Scripture upon your heart? Hopefully you know what I mean… that feeling that this verse is supposed to be important in your life, that this verse should change you. While several of my friends take notes on their daily reading, or the sermons they hear. Others choose to journal in their Bibles. For me, it is something different.

I call it Scripture Writing.

I have been working for the past year to revive the skill I learned way back in High School of hand lettering. It is similar to the chalkboard fonts that you find popping up on signs in recent years. 

For me, taking the time to focus on hand lettering a portion of Scripture is a way to begin listening to what God is telling me about how that truth from my Bible should be changing me. I usually write them in the notebook that I keep with my Bible. Sometimes it is a verse from what I’ve been reading at home, but often it is a verse or two from that day’s message at church. It is easier to hand letter in my lined notebook than on plain paper, but I have done both.

In hopes of inspiring others to focus on the truth of Scripture, I’ve been sharing them three times a week on my blog. I continue to write Scriptures out as God uses them to speak to me. How long will I continue? Who knows? 

In the meantime, here is one for you:

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