2016 Homeschool Review Crew Blue Ribbon Award Winners

We are wrapping up another year on the Homeschool Review Crew! At the end of each year, all of the Crewbies vote on our favorite curricula from the year to be nominated for the Blue Ribbon Award.

The results are in! 

2016 Blue Ribbon Award Winners

Favorite Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Vocabulary

Favorite Reading Curriculum – Logic of English
Favorite Writing Curriculum –  Here to Help Learning
Favorite Vocabulary Program –  The Critical Thinking Co.
Favorite Spelling Program –  Talking Fingers: Read, Write and Type

Favorite Grammar, Penmanship, and Literature

Favorite Grammar Program –  The Critical Thinking Co.
Favorite Penmanship Program –  Homeschool Copywork
Favorite Literature Curriculum –  Institute for Excellence in Writing: Poetry
Favorite Literature Resource –  Heirloom Audio

Favorite History, Science, and Math

Favorite History Curriculum –  Home School in the Woods
Favorite History Supplement –  Carole P. Roman
Favorite Science Curriculum –  Apologia: Astronomy
Favorite Science Supplement –  NotebookingPages.com
Favorite Math Curriculum –  CTC Math
Favorite Math Supplement –  Trigger Memory System

Favorite Foreign Language, Fine Arts, and Christian Education

Favorite Foreign Language Curriculum –  Middlebury Interactive Languages
Favorite Fine Arts Product/Curriculum –  ArtAchieve
Favorite Elective Curriculum –  Stop Motion Explosion
Favorite Christian Education Curriculum –  Veritas Press
Favorite Christian Education Product –  Chara Games

Favorite Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School, and College Prep

Favorite Preschool Product –  The Pencil Grip
Favorite Elementary Product –  Veritas Press
Favorite Middle School Product –  Apologia: Writers in Residence
Favorite High School Product –  101 Series
Favorite College or College-Prep Product –  Everyday Education

Some More Great Products

Favorite Parent Product –  MyFreezEasy
Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed –  ForBrain
Best Online Resource –  Veritas Press
Best E-Product –  Grapevine Studies
Favorite Book, Novel, Audio Book, or Audio Drama –  Heirloom Audio
Just for Fun! –  FlipStir

Kids’ Choice (Ages 0-12) –  KidsEmail.org
Teens’ Choice –  101 Series
All Around Crew Favorite –  CrossTimber

There they are! The 2016 Blue Ribbon Award winners!

Everyone on the Crew voted for their favorites, and the product with the most love snaged the award. Some of the winners were my vote and some weren’t. I will be posting about my personal favorites from this year in a couple of days.

Thank you to the Homeschool Review Crew for the awesome opportunities. Thank you to the forty-some vendors I had the pleasure of reviewing this year!

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