Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims – A Unit Study from Homeschool Legacy (Review)

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? This year has flown by. I feel like if I blink it will be Christmas morning! I walked into Walmart yesterday and the Christmas decorations were already out. It’s like we (as a country) go from Halloween to Christmas and skip poor Thanksgiving.

Not so for our family though! We don’t do Halloween and Thanksgiving is a month long learning opportunity. For the entire month of November, we focus our homeschool around Thanksgiving. We get books, movies, and audio books from the library. We paint and color Thanksgiving-type pictures. So when we were given the opportunity to review Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims Once-a-Week Micro Study  from Homeschool Legacy, we were all over it.

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy} Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims ~ A Unit Study

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy} Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims

I began prep for the Unit Study by reading through it. The six-week break down is:

  • Week 1: The Scrooby Separatists
  • Week 2: The Voyage
  • Week 3: At Home in Plymouth
  • Week 4: Happy Thanksgiving
  • Week 5: The Puritans
  • Week 6: Merry Christmas

Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims is primarily a history supplement to do once a week. It is designed for grades 1-8. Through the simple yet thorough study you’ll work on history, geography, Bible, vocabulary, government, and even make a recipe or two.

Some activities included in the study are:

  • locating countries and bodies of water on a map
  • reading LOTS of books 🙂
  • looking up new words in a dictionary
  • taking virtual tours – like the Mayflower!
  • watching documentaries/movies
  • making and playing games that the Pilgrim children played (fun!)
  • making and eating some delicious foods
  • learning to speak like a Pilgrim
  • and lots more!

How we enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims

We ready many books from the library, watched several pilgrim movies (like Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving and Inspiring Animated Heroes’ William Bradford). We also made some delicious Indian Pudding.

It is recommended that you work 30 minutes at a time for roughly three days a week to complete each week’s work. After reading the history lesson for the week and then having the children narrate, we also took time to read books and draw inspired pictures. There’s no way we could fit everything into just 30 minutes/three times a week.  But then again, our homeschool is more delight-directed than scheduled.

We’ve used several of the Homeschool Legacy studies before and have always enjoyed them. There’s just the right mix of reading and activities. The enrichment suggestions are always spot on too. These are wonderful studies to bring just the right amount of supplement material into your already focused homeschool.

This six-week unit study is one of the several Once-a-Week Micro-Studies available from Homeschool Legacy. You might also like:

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