Natural Supplements Make The Best Prenatal Vitamins (Enter To Win A $50 Gift Certifcate)

Natural Supplements Make The Best Prenatal Vitamins

When you think of prenatal vitamins, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? For me, prenatal vitamins meant nausea. I spent my first five pregnancies swallowing nasty-tasting horse pills while thinking about the imminent wave of nausea. However, that changed when I became pregnant with my sixth child. I educated myself on which supplements were really necessary and the best way to get them. After much research, I learned that natural supplements make the best prenatal vitamins .

In general, I know I’m pregnant before any at home pregnancy test can tell me. I spend my very early weeks in pregnancy with lots of headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Fatigue is putting it lightly. The first and last trimesters are the only time in my life when I feel like I need a mid-day nap to survive.

My youngest child just turned four months old, so it really wasn’t that long ago that I was pregnant. And you know what? This last pregnancy was my best one yet.

Natural Supplements Make The Best Prenatal Vitamins

Instead up loading up on Tylenol for headaches and normal pregnancy-related aches and pains, I used turmeric. I made a mixture of turmeric, lemon juice, and honey for a natural pain killer. I kept the mixture in my fridge in a small jar and added a spoonful to my tea when I felt a headache coming on.

In fact, I still use this. Having four children 5 and under can lead to a headache or two. 😉

To naturally get rid of my nausea, I made ginger tea and sniffed (a lot) of peppermint essential oil.

Early in pregnancy I get ulcer-like pain in my stomach. It’s not ulcers, just some weird pregnancy symptom. So for the first five weeks or so, I find myself doubled over in pain. Or at least I did every pregnancy before. This time I drank warm lemon water or cold mint water (depending on my mood). These simple drinks soothed my belly every time.

The last trimester of pregnancy can be especially hard when you can’t sleep. Add leg cramps to your newly blossomed belly and you’re pretty much guaranteed not to have a good night’s sleep. I really struggled through the end of my first five pregnancies. But not this time! At the recommendation of a fellow crunchy mama, I tried Natural Calm. Apparently leg cramps are the result of a magnesium deficiency. Ever been told to eat a banana for leg cramps? Yeah- that’s why.

Natural Calm literally changed my life. Before taking it, I would wake up several times a night with severe leg cramps. From the first time I took it, my leg cramps vanished. Seriously. Gone. I still keep a supply of that too. The stress-relieving qualities of Natural Calm are just an added bonus.

With the help of a few natural supplements and a natural multivitamin, I was able to avoid medications and have an excellent pregnancy.

I do want to point out that supplements (no matter how great) cannot replace a nutrient rich diet- especially while pregnant. Leafy greens, good fats, and high-quality proteins are crucial while pregnant and nursing. Also, I am not a doctor (obviously). Be sure you consult with your doctor/midwife for your own dietary and nutrient needs.

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15 thoughts on “Natural Supplements Make The Best Prenatal Vitamins (Enter To Win A $50 Gift Certifcate)”

  1. I wish I had known about this natural alternatives to the prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant! My last pregnancy was in 2010 so it’s been some time. I used to drink a lot of Sweet Dreams tea to help with my nausea (had it with all 3 pregnancies) and it really did help.

  2. I took prenatals with some of my pregnancies because the beginning was harder. It really helped so much! I’ve heard, as women, we can take them when we’re not pregnant too and feel lots of great benefits.


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