Planning A Homeschool Graduation


Planning a homeschool graduation has been on my mind for the past couple of years. I simply cannot believe that our oldest child, Oscar, will be graduating this year. Didn’t we just start this journey? I kept notes of my thoughts about the ceremony and celebration, and recently took my notes to the soon-to-be grad to hear his thoughts. It became immediately evident that I should have spoken to him first.

Planning a Homeschool Graduation

Planning A Homeschool Graduation

For some reason, I thought that I could plan his graduation and then just update him on the series of events. WRONG. For a 17-year-old boy young man, he sure is preferential. All throughout my planning process, I was looking at things from my point of view- what I’d like to highlight, where to hold the ceremony and celebration, even the food we serve.

It turns out that he doesn’t even want to have a ceremony. He would rather we have a small party here at the house and invite friends and family.

I was so off.

I had grandiose plans of a ceremony at a venue with a printed program to follow. I wanted to decorate a hall with pictures, tablecloths, and balloons for the celebration. It took me a minute to get over myself and realize that graduation day isn’t about me, it’s about him.

This is his accomplishment. Yes, I was there every step of the way for past six years (we started homeschooling when he was in sixth grade), but this celebration is for him.

After a lengthy conversation (and a bit of disagreement), we came to an agreement about what we’d do for homeschool graduation.

Our plans:

  • we’ll hold a small party at the house with only close friends and family
  • we’ll keep the food simple- nothing fancy
  • the presenting of his diploma won’t be a lengthy thing, but I do get to talk a bit and make a small presentation
  • as much as he doesn’t like his picture taken, he has agreed to have senior pictures done and I get to include the picture on his graduation invitation
  • since it will be nice outside, he wants to have lots of outdoor games available

And that’s about it! Simple and fun.

Part of me wishes we could be fancy and formal with it, but that wouldn’t be Oscar. However, I do still have five more children to graduate, so odds are one of them will be fancy. 😉

Have you graduated a homeschooler or been to a homeschool graduation? Was it simple or formal? Tell me about it!

6 thoughts on “Planning A Homeschool Graduation”

  1. I love these ideas! We are preparing for our son’s graduation, too. He sounds much like your son. No pomp. No circumstance. Nothing fancy. We are still debating about him standing up at the front of the church with the other seniors on Senior Sunday, but we’ll see about that. Hoping that y’all have a great celebration. And you’re right … it’s all about them. Love this part, though, right!?! It’s been a long road and such a reason to celebrate…no matter how it’s done! 🙂

  2. Wow, I have a high school junior and this SO isn’t even on my radar yet ! I like hearing what you’re doing…most of my homeschooling friends’ kids are younger than mine, so I really don’t know what to expect! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Our homeschool group does a very nice commencement each year, and my grads have all been a part of that. We make it a pretty good balance between formal ceremony and allowing each grad’s unique personality to shine. And each of my grads have had the kind of informal grad party that they wanted.


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