Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters to go with Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters

We’ve been using Susan Hunt’s My ABC Bible Verses in our homeschool for a few months now. I use it with my four and five-year-olds, and of course, two-year-old Louisa is right beside them echoing every verse they say. We usually do one letter/verse a week, unless it’s particularly long and the kids are struggling with it, then we might stretch it out for two.

Each morning we begin our school day by reciting our current verse, and then every other verse we had previously. Sometimes I just say the scriptural reference, other times I say the corresponding letter to prompt their minds to the right verse. I am a firm believer in visual stimulus to aid in memorization, so I went looking for some Alphabet Bible Verse pages to go along with our book. Just something simple that I could put up on the wall and point to during our morning memorization work.

After a lengthy search, I determined I’d just have to make some myself.

There’s a page for each of the 26 letters and corresponding Bible verses. The set is done in the complementing colors shown below. I printed the full page mini posters on regular paper, then laminated them to make them a bit more durable. Using some Velcro, I attached them to the wall.

Some of my favorite tools for hanging them in the school room:

 Alphabet Bible Verse Mini-Posters

Alphabet Bible Verse Mini Posters to go with Susan Hunt's My ABC Bible Verses

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