100 Days of Productivity & Acountability

100 Days

I recently read an article in Yahoo News about President Trump’s first 100 days in office. It was all about what he had achieved and failed to accomplish.

It got me thinking . . . what can I do in 100 days?

There’s no one to keep a tally of my achievements and failures (thankfully). There is no one keeping me accountable if I say I want to do something (cough, write an e-book, cough, cough) and NEVER get around to doing it. Sure, I have goals. But accountability? No, not so much.

Steven Covey says,

Accountablility breeds response-ability.

Part of my problem is that people (I) tend to set goals in such time frames as a week, a month, or even three months- that’s just not enough time for me.

I have four children five and under. I have a huge house to clean and a growing garden/mini-farm to tend. These days I’m thankful to get everyone through the day alive, fed, and in bed!

I’ve been throwing around the idea (in my head) about having my own 100 days evaluation. Have I told anyone? Nope. Because then they might hold me accountable! The thought kept coming so I figured it was something I ought to do. So, here I am, telling you.

100 days from today is July 9, 2017

For the next 100 days, I’m going to keep track of everything I do. I’m going to write a quick list of goals and things I’d like to accomplish. I plan to check in every so often. Maybe every 25 ┬ádays? What is that, like three and a half weeks? I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.

Here’s to my (and your) next 100 days!

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