Computer Skills For Homeschoolers {Review}

Some areas of homeschooling I’ve handled like a boss. Others, like computer skills, I completely forget about until the kids are nearly in high school! Or at least that’s what happened with my oldest two. Both my eighth grader and my senior were in upper middle school before I realized they had no clue how to operate a computer. Basic stuff like sending an email, doing an online search,  or creating a document were mysteries to them.

Lucky for them, I realized my error and got them set up with some free online typing, a secure email account, and had them take some free computer classes at the library. To add to my 12th grader’s computer abilities (and transcript sparkle), he’s been working through Java Programming from CompuScholar, Inc. (formerly known as Homeschool Programming.)


Computer Skills For Homeschoolers

Along with the student account, there is also a parent/teacher login that has more administrative features like answer keys and teacher guides. There is also a printable syllabus, which is super helpful when it comes time to fill in that transcript. The screenshot below is what the teacher end looks like for chapter one.

Java Programming has 27 chapters, each with its own lessons and labs.

A Multi-Sensory Computer Program

The Java Programming course uses the 5E teaching method:

  • engage with familiar, real-world examples
  • explore with integrated multi-media lessons
  • explain with guided classroom discussions
  • elaborate with hands-on activities to apply concepts
  • evaluate with automated lesson quizzes and chapter tests

Each lesson is a combination of text, video, and guided classroom discussions. Add in the fun, hands-on programming labs, and you get a truly multi-sensory program. Students of every learning style should be able to grasp concepts easily.

But, What If I Don’t Know A Thing About Computers?

I thought the exact same thing. I’m a strict pen and paper gal when it comes to school. My planning and organization for pretty much everything- housekeeping, meal planning, homeschooling, gardening- is all in notebooks. I can run my Chromebook enough to maintain this blog and make online purchases, but that’s about it!

For that reason, I was a bit hesitant about including anything more technologically advanced in my homeschool. However, my insecurity was quickly put to rest when I realized there is a Teaching Course in the teacher section. That’s right! The section contains teacher training for the administrative features and dedicated modules for each course! This is perfect for techno-challenged mamas like me. Here’s a peek at what it looks like:

 What Did We Think Of CompuScholar, Inc.?

So like I mentioned above, my plan was to have Oscar, my 12th-grade son, work through the program. Oscar is incredibly musically talented. He plays five different instruments, and he’s self-taught with all of them. He writes music, sings, plays, the whole shebang. He uses several different techy things like a synthesizer, guitar pedal, iPad apps, all kinds of stuff! I figured he would be a perfect candidate for computer programming.

At first, it went okay. He was excited at the thought learning computer languages. But once the actual lessons began, I lost him. I don’t know if it was because of the definite right and wrong of things or what. But basically, it came down to him getting bored. Don’t get me wrong, this Java Programming is a wonderful resource. It’s just not a good fit for my son.

The other courses available right now are Digital Savvy and Web Design. Click the banner below to read more reviews and see how other Crew members are helping their kids gain some computer skills with CompuScholar, Inc.


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