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I don’t read comic books. Ever. And ordinarily, I avoid them all together- especially when it comes to what my children read. That is until I came across Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family.

Captain Absolutely

Captain Absolutely is the story of two friends, turned arch enemies after a sunflower seed induced radioactive explosion. Yes, you read that correctly. The seemingly innocuous seed caused one friend to become Captain Absolutely, and the other, Dr. Relative.

Why Captain Absolutely and Dr. Relative?

Well, when the explosion took place, each of the men (who were working in a library together) were thrown into different rooms and trapped or sometime. While the men were trapped, a leak from the city’s radio active core leaked into the library- thus the super hero mutations. The Captain was thrown into a room full of Bibles, while the Doctor was thrown into the philosophy section.

 Throughout the comic, the Captain battles small time criminals and finds a sidekick along the way.

There are some funny parts, like the bit where Hana, the sidekick, has to buy new clothes:

Hana: Which one do you like best?

Zoe (Hana’s friend): I liked your old clothes, Hana.

Hana: Me, too. But they don’t fit anymore.

Zoe: This one’s cute . . . if you layer it.

Captain: Stand back, Zoe! Some villain replaced the shirts, skirts, and dresses in this store with immodest duplicates. It must be the Twisted Taylor!

Zoe: Um, that’s how they make girls’ clothes

Captain: You’re joking . . . [ I may have laughed out loud at this part]

Hana: Don’t worry, Cap. Just because I need new clothes doesn’t mean I need these clothes. We’ll find something better.

Ha! That’s my thought when I’m trying to find clothes for my own daughters. The book is full of truths coupled with humor.

What else do we like about Captain Absolutely?

  • It is loaded with Biblical principals. Scripture references are sprinkled throughout the book.
  • Unlike most comic books today, there is no sexuality. No cleavage. No thighs. No big pouty lips. (one of the main reasons we avoid comics)
  • It’s fun, albeit a bit hokey at times. Even my non-readers enjoy looking at the pictures.
  • Which brings me to the pages themselves! The pages are thick and glossy, very nice to hold, which makes it easy to wipe away stray jelly or guacamole that drips onto the pages.
  • The back of the book contains a glossary of sorts that gives detailed information about each character- very helpful for a mama that’s trying to read it aloud but can’t keep people straight!

Perhaps my favorite part is the Big Questions section. It’s full of big questions like “How do YOU share the truth in your neighborhood?”, “If God is always with you, why do you still lose some battles?”, and “Are you trapped in sin? Do you want Jesus to set you free?”

After each question, there is a page number referenced. The idea is to look back in the story to find the answers. These make it easy to have some meaningful and fun conversations with the kids.

Captain Absolutely is one comic that I don’t mind the children looking at over and over. The positive themes and role models make this one an easy choice, we totally recommend Captain Absolutely to young children (5-11ish) everywhere.

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